Ferrari will try for Paris and retire afterwards

She’s said this on her Instagram, which was kindly translated by someone and posted on Reddit. I’m not sure if it was the person who posted it or not.

Feels very relevant this week, with all the discussion of thirtysomething gymnasts. And it’s going to be fascinating to see whether she can make it. Italy’s habit of unnecessary nationals five minutes before leaving for major championships seems to take quite a few of them out, maybe that could even work to her advantage?


I think the biggest issue is going to be selection. She wasn’t originally named to the team for Tokyo she was qualified as an individual. But someone else got injured

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Curious how she looks. Italy has enough talent and depth these days to not need Vanessa and her papier-mâché feet.

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Yep, although saying that she would’ve likely been on a 5 person team. Maggio didn’t look that good in 2021. But I’d agree, it’s going to be a competitive team. Italy were in contention for the team gold last year until all the injuries stacked up.

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Well, if she can stay uninjured… you hope it isn’t “last woman standing”, but Italy has been trending that way.

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If (big if) Ferrari can get back to her 2021 level on vault and floor I think there would be a place for her on the Italian team. Would fit well on a team with 3 all rounders and Giorgia Villa, who is apparently definitively limited to bars and beam now.