February WAG Elite Round up

I thought it would be useful to have somewhere to discuss in more detail what we’ve seen, with 3 major meets this weekend

Winter Cup:

In a word, concerning. Especially the juniors. Hezly Rivera impressed me very much, she looked completely out of place in the competition. Jayla Hang was disappointing, none of her gymnastics looked easy for her. Given that those 2 placed first and second with falls, highlights the lack of top quality juniors in the US at the moment.
As for the 2nd half of the field, I hope that their participation was to fulfil personal goals of competing elite and that they will drop back to L10 until next year.

The senior competition you can more or less draw a line through. Or at least Chellsie and Alicia will be hoping they can draw a line through, because at this stage, they are relying on the NCAA athletes, with some supporting cast from WOGA.

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There were only 5 non-VT E scores above 8 in the senior competition. 7 in the juniors.

You wouldn’t want the seniors at the top of their game this early in the season. Maybe they should have done easier things with better execution so it didn’t feel like such a tragic competition, but perhaps the guidance from the decision makers was to try out their tough stuff and work on execution over the next few months.

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I would feel far worse about it if we didn’t know that a half dozen of the top gymnasts were not at the meet and it was later in the season.

I agree about writing the senior competition off. Early in the season and top gymnasts not there.
Juniors Hezly looks great I look forwards to seeing how she does at Junior worlds.

Plus, it was more imperative for the 2008-born juniors to show readiness because this comp was part of what determines the Junior Worlds team. The seniors don’t have any major competitions until Pan-Ams in May and the Worlds in September. They don’t really need to be showing top gymnastics to be chosen for DTB and Jesolo.

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Depends who they are. There were a lot of gymnasts at this meet who are realistically not going to Worlds. Stuttgart and Jesolo are probably their best chances to represent their country.