F*** You, NBC. (The penultimate thread with schedules that make sense and how to watch)

Fuck you, NBC. I shouldn’t need three separate subscriptions with three separate platforms to try to watch, and I shouldn’t then have to wait 24 hours for the replay. And listing start times in Tokyo time? FFS, at least give us the option to filter by time zone. Also, the Peacock app sucks and the NBC Sports app isn’t available on my smart TV. Serious middle finger to you NBC, from someone up at 6am on Saturday because she thought the US women were competing this morning.

I’m still struggling to find a consolidated list of how to watch everything and schedules that make sense for US time zones, so here’s what I’ve gathered so far:

Full Olympics Streaming Schedule, listing day, sport, time (in ET) and streaming platform. WARNING: it’s telling me Men’s quals should be streaming on peacock right now, and they most definitely are not, so I don’t know how accurate it is.

Primetime Schedule. Lists live streaming and primetime replays, in PST.

Options if you don’t have cable but need a cable login

I signed up for a $10 month of Sling (blue package + NBC sports addon). I was getting errors last night trying to login into nbcsports.com saying that my sling subscription didn’t qualify, but that seems to have resolved itself as of this morning after clearing cookies, etc.

*Peacock Premium* for $4.99 gets you replays. Not sure what good it does if replays are 24 hours later, but I have it.

Discovery+ I have not signed up for this one, but others are reporting that it has what you need.

If you don’t have cable but want to watch NBC primetime: Hulu Live is the way to go. The NBC Sports app probably works too, but it doesn’t do me any good when I can only watch on my phone.

VPN Options

I use Private Internet Access, which seems to know people are struggling with watching the Olympics given that they currently have a Gold Medal Offer for 78% off. It’s super easy to instal and intuitive to use.

Once you’ve got that, you can use it to access CBC which has everything live, including apparatus feeds. Bonus points for CBC coverage because they’re usually not focused on watching Simone stand around drinking water.

AdexIncc Twitch Stream AdexIncc has been my hero through all of Classics/Championships. For $3.99, he’s go REPLAYS immediately posted. It’s not the best quality, but the fact that some dude on the internet is doing what NBC cannot is enough to make me happily give him four bucks.

For those in other countries, feel free to use this thread to list how you’re working your way through this mess.

ETA: The Balance Beam Situation had a great schedule with exact starting times for subs, but I can’t find it now. If someone can post it I’ll add it.


Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of eastern and 14 hours ahead of central time. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a math person, but I don’t think it’s that difficult to manage. Because I’m central, I just subtract 2 hours and change pm to am or vice versa to convert. Another thing that is helpful is these articles of what to watch that NBC Olympics is doing. I just change the date in the link. Not to mention, gymnastics for the first six days always alternates men-women-men-women-men-women. I’m more concerned about NBC claiming a stream is a USA tracker, and then it’s the same stream but with international commentary. They also might decide to dual screen with another sport. WTF?

This is also a helpful tool.


If you’re watching NBC from the US, their schedule page should show the full schedule in your timezone (https://www.nbcolympics.com/schedule/sport/gymnastics). At least, it does for me.

I can also immediately go back and see the replays on the NBC site (with Sling login) – I just verified with men’s quals sub 2. I’m not sure what issue you’re having with replays.

I haven’t tried CBC but I heard that their apparatus stream wasn’t working either yesterday. And the IOC’s coverage was frankly crap.

Re: Discovery plus, FYI I think it’s only the UK version that is showing Olympics. If you get a US subscription I don’t think it would help you.

If you have cable or a subscription provider that have NBCOlympics Sports, you do not need anything else or to wait for replays.

The NBCOlympic streams work either live or whenever. I am currently watching men’s subdivision 3 right now and I clicked the link from the qualifications thread…worked with no issue.

I couldn’t find a replay anywhere else but there’s one on NBCOlympics.com provided by Rich in the post for links. I clicked it and it took me to a replay on NBCSN.

Peacock says the replay isn’t until 4 am. Welcome back to 2004.

Yes NBC does indeed suck.


So apparently the good thing about women’s qualifications is that they’re doing multi-view apparatus feeds for each subdivision. I really hope they actually work and are what they say they are.

The issue with this for me is that I only have the NBC app on my phone, which isn’t the ideal way to watch 3+ hours of coverage. For whatever reason, my janky smart TV doesn’t have an nbc sports app.

If you add a Roku or Apple TV box you could get it. But you may not want to. $$$

There are cables for iPhone that plug into the tv so you can watch on the big screen.

When does the next thread on this topic arrive?

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One major thread for expressing disgust with coverage and NBC should be enough in addition to the links thread.

do you have an internet browser on your TV? You can likely add the app…I did.
It also works with ChromeCast because I switched to the bedroom TV.

I have the NBCSports app on my XBox and FiOS subscription. Will qualies air at 6am there or do I have to get Peacock to watch?

Edit: Looking through the NBCSports app, it sounds like they start airing at 9PM tonight for Sub 1.

The USA ladies go at 2:10 am EST

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It’s frustrating that I can’t watch the NBC SPORTS app on my damn near brand new smart TV. I can watch on my ancient laptop though. Get with the times NBC!

So how much of the world sees the “world feed”?

I’m dying to know if Russia didn’t get to see Nikita either.

There’s a twitter feed uploading some of the Russian routines from Russian television. Check out the men’s qualifying thread. I put some videos there. or you could see what else she’s uploading here:

Wait, so Russia television had their own camera crew, but NBC didn’t (Gymcastic said that they didn’t anyways)?

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It looks like from Russian TV… I’m not on Twitter, I just follow her twitter page. But she has videos from it :woman_shrugging:

Daria Spridinova had something on her Instagram stories.

I would suggest getting the entry level Roku which is about 20-30 bucks.

Why would NBC not have a camera crew there? Was there a limit on how many were allowed? Did they decide to just piggyback off an international stream for men? Will the women’s coverage be this bad? Ugh.