Eythora’s Tokyo BB

This was originally given a 4,7 but then subsequently changed to a 5.0.

The only way I can get this to a 4.7 is to not credit the Switch to Y Turn, which looked fine to me.

Am I missing something?

There was about a 8 and a half minute wait for this score to come up. Poor Lieke who came up next.

I also don’t know how to get this to a 5.0 (although Eythora looked very pleased with the 5.0 when it did eventually come up).

Anyone want to have a go at what the most likely 4.7, and 5.0, permutations of this routine look like?

There are many areas of issue. The Illusion wasn’t really rotated, and the L spin had a leg come down early. The Aerial to Split BHS was too slow.

What do you guys think? I can’t think of a “0.3” decision. The revision to the score surely changed the evaluation of more than 1 skill or series, right?

back layout mount F
1/2 illusion B
Split leap B
Free cartwheel + Korbut DB
Turn A
Switch leap + Y turn CC .1
Free walkover D
Split jump + FF BB
2.5 D
FDDDBCCB 2.8 + 2.0 = 4.8

hm… the switch + Y seems fine unless they think she should go right to relevé, or that her arms shouldn’t turn clockwise before the counter-clockwise spin…

I think more likely the back layout mount was downgraded to a pike from F to E

I thought this was connected, but there was a tiny flinch I guess.

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Wouldn’t it go down to a B (leg at 45) or did they take that out of the Code?

If not - then they were really skating on thin ice by relying on both turns not being downgraded to A. Would have been a repeated skill and she would have lost the 0.5CR even if she had connected it.

I believe the last time the B variation of the turn appeared in the COP was the 2006 - 2008 cycle.

If Thorsdottir dropped her free leg early, but maintained it at least horizontal throughout the turn, the Y turn would have been credited as a full turn with leg at horizontal. However, a similar issue to what you stated still exists, because if she gets the L turn credited, but the Y turn gets downgraded, she still loses the dance CR.

My guess would be that upon inquiry they gave the mount as layout for an additional 0.1 in DV, and awarded the split leap + aerial connection, which would give her 0.1 CV and 0.1 SB.

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Have we actually ever seen a successful LO mount on bb at worlds/olympics?

I seem to remember Pavlova competing it in 2008 before the olympics but I can’t even find video of that

Yes my sense from watching it in real time was to definitely give it as layout, and to give the split leap into aerial cartwheel - korbut.

My error was that I wasn’t giving the pike back mount an E I was giving it a D, so all my numbers were off by a tenth.

That layout mount is so undervalued at F when the LOSO and Back Pike went up to E. Especially when they’re messing around with downgrades like that.

Back pike is E? I’m surprised we don’t see a lot of those…

Pavlova did perform the layout mount at the Doha World Cup event in 2008.


Yessss thx for that. That would get lo credit, sure?

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It appears likely they initially downgraded this to Pike, before the Supervisor overruled it on inquiry.


Eythora’s was WAY more layout.

People can judge for themselves, but I can’t see how the word “way” applies here, let alone “WAY” in all capital letters.

Second, you paused the Pavlova video at a point where it’s showing her legs in multiple positions due to the animation.

Finally, are you saying that Pavlova’s D-score was lower at first or Thorsdottir’s? If Pavlova’s, it could have also been because of the questionable leg position on her turn. (ETA: Back then, there was a B-level element for having the leg at 45°, so it would also be a 0.1 difference in D-score, or even 0.2 if the judges were ruthless.) But even still, the supervisor did override the error and gave it get credit. So the answer to @onodian’s question is yes, not no.

No I’m only talking about the layout mount. It appears the likeliest explanation for Eythora’s score was that she was initially given a pike but they upgraded it to layout on appeal.

Yes and she was way more Piked in both animations; one more so than the other.

If that doesn’t get lo credit then that’s f-ing stupid sorry. Right up there with melnikova losing d score credit for the double L in 2021