Extremely Premature Olympic Team Predictions and Speculation

NBC’s got those Olympic rings up underneath their logo* which means it’s time to start our speculations on who the Olympic teams will be as the year’s competitions go on and gymnasts announce a comeback trail.

*Obviously not limited to the USA; those rings under NBC’s logo are just the warning sign to Americans to prepare to be inundated with Olympics promos for the next 18 months.


Jade Carey and Suni Lee will be the only returning Olympians for US WAG.


Zoe Miller is one of my predictions.

That’s my prediction. Suni is way too valuable with her UB alone. Jade is almost a medal guarantee on FX and vault and in the likelihood that Simone doesn’t return, she’s by far and away the best on those events.

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How do you figure she’s by far and away the best on floor when she was beaten by Jordan Chiles at Worlds? And she almost didn’t medal at all, so I’d hardly say she’s a medal guarantee. Certainly a strong possibility when she hits but she wasn’t the best US floor worker last year all year.


I think Jordan will stay consistent enough to be un-leaveable; she’ll be team captain. If Suni stays healthy, she’s in. Jade, a lock. Konnor needs to get and stay healthy and she has a real shot.

Of the gymnasts we just saw at Winter Cup, I could see Blakely, Miller, or Zeiss having a chance. Sullivan, maybe–depends on her trajectory.

Gabby Douglas. I would just die. How awesome would that be?

Calling Simone. Simone? You sure sure sure you don’t want to do this again? It is looking pretty open at this point…

ETA: oops, forgot Jones. Knew there was someone solid I had overlooked.


I really don’t see Jordan as the right personality for a team captain role at all


I am also thinking maybe Jordis Eichamn. Lexi for sure.

Not gonna happen is my prediction.

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I agree. So who – maybe Jade?

Jade seems pretty reserved to me. I was thinking Suni (I don’t think she’ll do AA)

I told Doug that I looked away for a second and thought it was Grace McCallum doing floor!


Blakley, Douglas, Carey, Suni, Jones
VT (Lee) Douglas, Jones, Carey
UB (Blakely) Douglas, Jones, Suni
BB (Jones) Blakeley, Douglas, Suni
FX (Douglas) Suni, Jones, Carey

vt: (suni) jones carey biles
ub: (biles) gabby jones suni
bb: (jones) gabby suni biles
fx: (suni) jones carey biles

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Have you been drinking?

I love a comeback.


Gabby Douglas makes the team and yet again has terrible floor music.


Biles if she does return, if not a newbee though I was not very impressed with the level at wintercup.

I think Chiles would be a great captain, judging how she interacted with the team at worlds last year, she was there for all of them, with great or not so great performances, Chiles was there for support or celebration

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I don’t think Konnor McClain’s health will hold out. Other than that, I can see Suni, Jordan, and Jade making the team.

Lol it depends what shape gabby and simone are in. I don’t think it’s out of the question at all.

Who are the new and exciting US juniors breaking through in the next 12 months?

Unless you think Lexi Zeiss and Ashley Sullivan will comprise the US olympic team?