Experienced seniors and Olympic debuts

After reading some comments on the relative experience of potential US team members I started thinking about Chiles. She has every chance of being senior for the entire quad (well quint) and making the Olympics without making any world championship teams. Has anyone else (any nationality) done this?

The only person I could think of at stupid o’clock last night was Hatch in the Athens quad. She’s a bit of an outlier though because Cuba wouldn’t release her for Debrecan (02) and she made Anaheim (03) but got injured. There are other comeback Olympians like Chow and Dawes but I’m more interested in those who turned senior the first year of the quad. Any suggestions?

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Laurie wasn’t senior the entire quad though

Annia won bronze on vault at 1996 worlds though.

Yep meant to add that to my lists of why she didn’t count. It’s a darn shame she didn’t get to compete in Atlanta. IIRC that was another federation thing.

Maybe Mohini.

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Bhardwaj competed at both the 1997 and 2001 Worlds.

Lu Yufei is potentially about to do it for China.

She turned senior in 2016 and has never been to Worlds.


This is a really good one.

Elena Davydova (USSR) turned senior in 1976 and never competed at Worlds. In 1980, she made the Olympic team and won the AA.


That’s impressive

Interesting, did she just not make any team or was she injured?

She was a member of the Worlds team in both 1978 and 1979.
In 1978 she swapped after podium training to the alternate position. Classic Soviet tactics to not name the alternate until after podium training.
In 1979 she caught the flu while in Fort Worth and was switched to alternate again as she was unable to compete.

In 1977 there was no Worlds but she ripped her knee apart and caused her to miss Europeans.

So yeah she never competed at Worlds, but she was a 2 time World Team member.

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gracias irichluck21!

That’s a lot of bad luck, probably doesn’t bother her after winning AA at the Olympics though!

I’m glad you replied to me, actually! I didn’t know that Davydova was an original member of two Worlds teams. Thanks for the info.