European Gymnastics Union Publications

Do they have an official magazine or a newsletter they put out? I ask because USA Gymnastics has official magazines and they’re posted on their websites. However I can’t find anything under their website.

I’m specifically looking for magazines or documents from the 1980s and 1990s before we had the internet. USA Gymnastics goes back to 1970 and it’s all available free through PDF download. Is there something similar? Is there any location where there are old code of points or for their competitions? I have found a conflict between the FIG and them under the 10.00 system.

The UEG has been around for 40 years now so I hope so.

Yes i found those for USA Gym. What about the European Federation codes?

what do you mean codes? like ROU-Romania

As far as I know the UEG nor the FIG have put out any magazines/ etc, as far back as I can remember to the 80s. But! I could be wrong.
IIRC, International Gymnast was the “international” magazine for multiple years, with Inside Gymnastics also putting out their publication in 2002.

If you are searching for old code of points and very detailed analysis of the history of modern gymnastics you can visit Uncle Tim’s website:
He has researched all over the Internet and has translated primary documents, whether they were FIG reports or news articles from around the globe, he always has great reads.