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Link to full results.


Do you think we will get to see the videos?

As always Ellie showing her usual amazing work. I am very curious about Ava Stewart, first year senior and clearly bringing outstanding routines to be judged.

From the results it shows her club is Gemini - so a protegé of Elena Davydova’s program that brought Padurariu to the world podium in 2018. Quickly to the upper levels of the leader board, but not surprising at the apparent quality of the exercises (based on D and E scores).

Ava Stewart has promise.

Most of the national team was not here competing.
Surprised Pedrick did not compete her DTY

With so many gyms still completely closed in Canada, it is really impossible to have any kind of level playing field.

I hope some of the routines, especially from the medalists, make it to YouTube


Looking at the results, it appears that she scored a 0.00 for vault. All of the other athletes have an S for events that have no score. Maybe she “Kramarenko’d” her vault.

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Looking at the provinces represented that had elites last year, only Alberta and Manitoba appear to be missing from participation. There do seem to be some notable names absent - Padurariu, Moors, Allaire-Bourgie - but other athletes from those programs are representing. I would take it that athletes such as Olsen and Onyshko were exempted due to NCAA commitments.

I know here in Quebec some regions are closed completely, whilst others are open. So gyms have been closed for months in some places, whilst open in other areas. It maybe the same in other provinces too.

Oh ok! I did not see the official results so I didn’t know there was an S.

I assumed she didn’t do VT and really that is a ticket to the team for her so I was surprised.

Did the gymnasts have to compete virtually " live " or did they submit video?

I believe it was live, they had a time slot each.


Senior routines - video


Gymnternet provided quick hits. Here is what was described for Pedrick’s VT.
She fell on an attempted DTY and was credited with a 1 1/2 twist with a fall. The coaches inquired and upon investigating the inquiry, the score was changed to a 0. So replay determined she didn’t land feet first.

“Denelle Pedrick VT: Here we go, this originally got credited as a Yurchenko 1.5 with a fall, but then her score got updated to a zero, I assume because she inquiried to get credited with the DTY and then the judges were like “actually now that we review, you get nothing.” Now we see why, and that seems to be the case. She gets the rotation around twist-wise for the DTY, but the height isn’t there, tucks her legs at the end, but still can’t stand it up, and sits it. My guess is that the judges watching in real time just assumed that she wasn’t all the way around when she fell? I don’t know. She definitely didn’t hit feet-first. I see why she would have submitted an inquiry, if that’s what happened, because she DID complete two twists…I would have submitted an inquiry 100%. But then obviously like what happened with Kara Eaker at worlds in 2019, a review can get your score raised, but it can also lead the judges to find something else wrong, and in this case, they found that her feet didn’t touch the mat.”


Watched Pedrick’s VT.
She didn’t get anywhere near a DTY, just a 1 1/2 and fell on it. I am surprised they made an inquiry.

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Agreed, they should have been happy with a score, any score.

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Black is looking pretty good! She brought back the FF + full on beam. She did a front tuck out of her front 2.0 twist on floor so she counted an A skill here.

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Goodness gracious, I love Black’s FX routine.

Hopefully more videos from the meet will emerge. It is nice that meets are even starting to happen after such a long period of nothing.

I put a link with the videos for every routine up yesterday. ^^^^^ There are all there, every single routine.


ah, missed that. Thanks Bogwoppit!

thank you for share it , i was seeing it and the video was recorded exactly in the same position that are sat the judge’s panel, in other words video are from a judge perspective

This is a few days old but I just came across it:

I hadn’t heard anything about this previously! Saadi is Moors’ coach - does anyone know who she has been training with since last year?

Based on gymnternet rumours over the years (YMMV), I’m not overly surprised by the news.