Egregious examples of UB spotting

I don’t know if we already have a thread for this, but thought it might be interesting/fun to discuss.

I haven’t seen many examples of it recently, but this really took the biscuit:


I know he was there for if she did the Tkatchev between the bars (which she decided against) but really! Literally ducking between the bars in and out of her giants is outrageous!

Please no examples of falls/injuries

she’s dismounting though. Did he forget her routine?

She often did a Tkatchev out of the Ono half but it was a backup release for when she didn’t do the Gaylord I think

I really hate how much spotting now occurs on bars. It’s quite ridiculous, imo. You can’t do a pak or bail to HS without a coach right there? Can’t dismount with your coach holding his arm up? Then you have NO BUSINESS doing those skills.

I understand why spotting was allowed for tkatchevs back in the day. No one wanted to see a repeat of what happened to Jennifer Sey. But now the bars are so bar apart that the risk is very small. And up until a few years ago, no one had their coach standing there for any other skills.

This is literally why I put the “no falls” warning at the end of my post. I’ve still managed to get away with not seeing that. And I really never want that etched on my eyeballs.


So I hadn’t heard of Sey’s injury and looked it up. if it was the one from 1985, IMO it wasn’t as bad as Bross or that one french guy from Rio(?) on vault(?) or that NCAA athlete on FX a few years ago. All of which I had the misfortune of seeing live. If it was a different UB injury, I don’t think I’ll go looking…

Said’s injury was the worst thing I’ve seen.

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Right. That has gotta be the worst moment of gymnastics I’ve ever seen live. I’ll never forgive Matt Baker from screeching “EULGH” as it happened. I had put my hands over my eyes as I knew it was a bad landing, but him saying that made me look at the screen out of reflex.

I can’t remember the rest of the BBC live commentary at that time. Not that I particularly want to relive it, but I would be curious to hear how the commentators dealt with the situation. I think it was Matt Baker, that Northern guy and Christine, right?

Kevin Ware’s leg break wins it for me.

Low bar!

Now that I’ve seen it I agree. I should not have looked.

I didn’t need a PHD to guess that wasn’t a good idea.

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Sucker. :grimacing::wink:

Yeah, you definitely need to not see it. You said compound fractures are your worst nightmare.

It’s seriously awful.

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Only reason I saw it was because my friend posted it on her goddamn Facebook and it showed up in my feed. Burned into my brainmeats now.

I literally cannot comprehend how Facebook allows that stuff to stay up. Given their rules on other things are quite stringent.

Tim Dagger’s ankle will haunt me forever.

Lets move back to UB spotting shall we? Ha

UB spotting needs to go. It completely ruins the routine. Why not then allow spotting on every piece

Quite. Why is a bar dismount inherently more dangerous than a beam dismount? Is it that they’re falling from a greater height?