EF day 2 euros

Beam has started! Sanne was very clean! Did not do full difficulty

Great first vault from Gianni

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And a pretty clean Dragulescu to follow

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Sanne scores a 13,866. That’ll probably medal

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Marine fairly clean, but one big wobble. Dismount landing was a little low too

Marine looked like she lost where she was a couple of times. The floor on the dismount definitely came sooner than she expected.

Steingruber has withdrawn from floor, and presumably we all know and approve of Larisa sitting out.

That dismount was a statement from Bachynska

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Bachynska hit! Good beam final so far (hope I don’t jinx it)

In these torrid times, we need to celebrate three hit beam routines in a row whenever we can!


13.333 for Bachynska

Oof, saw that second vault splat from Nagornyy coming. It seems like it’s finally catching up with him. The Drag wasn’t that great, and then he overdid the Tsuk double pike.

Nikita looks exhausted

Can’t blame him. I’m sure he’s disappointed, but it’s not like he has anything left to prove here.

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Love seeing a couple of old school acro mounts. MDJS absolutely stamped the front somie on. Only just kept her feet on the full in though, unfortunately. She was going great guns until then.

Davtyan’s poor knees

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Lovely tight tuck on his Dragulescu.

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And ankles! He really looked like he rolled his ankle on the Tsuk triple landing but it seems not. Let us all give thanks and praise for the resilience of his lower limbs. I can’t take anyone else being carried out this week.

Yikes thought Davtyan’s knee would explode on vt1

L. Wevers off. You could see it as soon as she landed

Oof, MDJDS just passes Sanne. 13,900. Good for her, but I was hoping Sanne would take the gold