EF day 1: MAG fx/ph/sr WAG vt/ub

New day, more medals!
Is everyone competing today? I hope Steingruber will be able to compete vault

Looking forward to this - hopefully a couple of medals for the Team GB girls and boys

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Absolutely stunning! Gymgasms across the gymternet.

So has there been a floor final with two triple backs before? Maybe back in the Li Xiaoshuang/Liukin days?

MAG is usually so great with routines worthy of 2021(minus that friggin double twist most MAG do) yet in WAG we have difficulty that would have been weak in the 80s


Love that podium to start us off- Nagornyy Gischard Bartolini, what’s not to like?

The MAG pommels finalists are being introduced now. I expected WAG vault, are they doing all the men then all the women?

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The schedule said they’d alternate

Yeah that’s what they’re doing. Belyavskiy was up first and crashed the dismount attempt, gutted.

This PH seems even more cursed than normal.

Falls for Joshua Nathan and Sara Peter too

Oof. Will that get credit as feet first?

Nope! She was nowhere near making it round either.

Nicely done from Gadirova!

Steingruber is going to have to do the DTY to get past Gadirova, I would think. 14.6 for the DTY and that was a pretty well done Lopez as well.

Why is nobody capable of doing a pommel horse dismount this week?

Hmmmm I look forward to our experts dissecting Gadirova vs Melnikova.


I have an opinion but I’m not a judge/expert. Interested in hearing what others who know what they are talking about think

Not that I qualify, but calling bullshit on both DTYs getting 9.2 nonetheless. Melnikova was messier, the dynamics were no better and I don’t think that was an 0.3 step by Gadirova bearing in mind the (stupid) 1 metre thing.

DOes anyone have a working stream to watch?

That should do it for Steingruber!