DTB Pokal 2023

these videos are funny… why would we want to watch the actual routine?


Mixed cup after three rotations

1. Japan JPN 161.081
2. Germany GER 159.030
3. United States of America USA 157.330
4. Brazil BRA 147.781

So it will be Japan v Germany for gold, USA v Brazil for the bronze.

USA have had four falls, Brazil I’ve lost count - they had a floor routine score 8.7 (total, not E score).

Not gonna lie, they are driving me nuts

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Gold: Japan
Silver: Germany
Bronze: Brazil

I watched Brody’s HB and he has really good handstands! At the end when he got injured it was really odd the way his feet kept going in a slide instead of into the mat. Do y’all think he was lost in the air?

I think the intended difficulty is 6.3, so presumably one of the leaps was already downgraded for the 6.2 routine. The double double is only 0.1 off if it’s tucked (I don’t think it was, but I’m not a judge). The only way I can think of to get another 0.5 from the leaps is if she didn’t get that CR, but I don’t think it’s that.

I think the third pass would fit the 0.6 difference - 0.5 CR, 0.1 CV.

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Clearly no expert in anything but falling, but I thought he looked lost.

It looks like he peeled off the bar before he was supposed to release, and tried to compensate as best he could. I hope he is ok. That was a scary fall!

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this is a different angle than before… I’m sure she lost the CV for the 3rd pass but this angle makes it even more clear(to me… not a judge in anyway shape or form) that she she not have lost the CV… they should have put an inquiry

I think from that angle it’s very clear that she took two steps out of the front layout full. Think of it like a beam connection – if you have an extra step in between, that breaks the connection.


of course she took a step, it was a front full through to a double back lol
She never stopped her forward momentum but I guess that’s just my opinion… the judges thought differently lol
It’s really not that different than here

She took an extra step. As in, she clearly takes two steps.


Agreed, and it also happens in the team comp but more subjective - The floor line/join in the recording shows how her foot bounces instead of planting until the next take off.
At what point do you draw the line on nit picking a bounced step? The event final was obvious. Time to watch a variety of gymnasts and see if this is a common issue or specific to Joscelyn
It is somewhat of a borderline connection for her which I guess will need to be addressed as it opens the door for the judges to penalize when it becomes more obvious.
You can see here her foot has gone down, up and down again, but because it didn’t move forward it is not as clear live

I had a 7.8E judging it just now on youtube. An 8.4 for that seems way too high. Either that or they’re completely ignoring bent knee taps now.

ETA: I judged the EF routine which said it was an 8.25E. Either way, this ain’t Tokyo judging.

I have a feeling they aren’t taking these.

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It’s considerably looser than Winter Cup.

For Roberson - they wouldn’t have downgraded her Moors to tucked. So it must have been something to do with that third line. Maybe they credited it as a Front Full and then a Double Tuck dismount. And no credit for the Double Pike (fifth acro line). So she loses 0.1 for the CV. Counts another skill (an A or a B) instead of a D. Presumably she still got DMT bonus? Maybe they didn’t give the Gogean or the L Hop 1/1? Is that 6 tenths?

She’s really lucky she walked away from this.

I’m too scared to watch. What happened?

I didn’t think the front full would satisfy the requirement as if they separated it, it’s not part of an acro line… it would just be a standalone skill as there was no front handspring or anything in front of it

I thought it would look worse. He lands at a 90 degree angle. Then it’s like like he’s skidding across the mats at a 20 or 30 degree angle and belly flops but his feet are already off the mat. Jammed his knee at the very least.

ETA: I watched in slow motion and I caught more. His knee bent in the wrong direction. Don’t watch.

Watch the video in slow-motion. It is clear that she lands one-two and then lifts the lead leg to step into the round-off.

I’m 99% sure that the broken connection equals no CR (-0.5) and no bonus (-0.1). They would then count the front full as a standalone skill as tempest mentioned. It was clearly a step between the skill and the rest of the pass. I think it’s a bit of a knitpicky way to treat the skill/connection, and I would rather they have a deduction for that sort of thing instead of just calling it no connection, but rules as written the extra step would almost certainly break the line.

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