Draft of 2025-2028 WAG CoP

The draft for the WAG CoP for the next quad

  • Vaults may have the same post-flight but a 0.20 VT Bonus will be awarded to vaults with post-flights in different directions.

  • Round off half-on vaults will now be deducted for insufficient LA turn in the first flight phase

  • Double salto vaults prohibited for juniors

  • Tkatchev principle will now also be applied to Jaegers (only one Jaeger with or without turn will be recognized)

  • No change in CV formula

  • All Tkatchev 1/2 variations to catch in mixed L grip has been devalued to their non 1/2 variation.

Element Value

  • Martins down to E
  • Black down to F
  • Kononenko down to D
  • Li Ya down to D
  • Derwael-Fenton down to E
  • Endo up to D!
  • Endo 1/1 up to E!
  • Tweddle down to D
  • Fenton II down to E
  • Derwael II down to F
  • Double Lay 1/1 dismount up to F!

-0.1 CV for B+D acro has specified that it should be “travelling bwd”

-Artistry deduction: 0.20 deduction option for body posture and rhythm is added

Element Value

  • Stag Jump (A) is added to ToE (same box as Sissone)
  • Garrison down to B


  • CV: 0.2 for indirect C+D 0.2 for direct B+D

-Artistry: same as BB, 0.20 deduction is now possible for body posture.

  • The same is true for Musicality: poor expressive engagement and lack of connectivity to music.
  • 1/2 variations of Arabian double tuck and pike has been moved to Group 5 (Saltos Backward):skull:

Element Value

  • Split Ring Jump 1/1 (Jurkowska-Kowalska) down to C
  • Oliveira down to E

The Garrison they are devaluing I assume is the mount? A B rating seems rather low. Also, are they attempting to simply eliminate the front handspring + front tuck combo? I get that there were issues with the walkover vs handspring technique, but surely that is overly restrictive? I would argue a Tkatchev 1/2 done properly is more difficult than a base Tkatchev… I am not fully sure what they mean by postflight in a different direction on vault. Do they mean twisting in opposition to the initial twist onto the horse? Or do they simply mean two vaults with a different postflight? And why would they do that to arabians? Surely that is also overly restrictive. I am thankful for the added posture deductions, though.

I think this is the Garrison they are referring to

Pamchenkova has a breakdown here, including screenshots from the draft code.


I hope the FIG makes some changes on beam, like adjusting the mixed series bonus.

B + D acrobatic connections where both skills are forward elements will still earn 0.2 CV.

Currently, B + D acrobatic connections where the series travels backward earns 0.1 CV. When the 2022-2024 COP was first released, there was some confusion as to whether back handspring + Onodi would be eligible for CV under this rule because an Onodi is considered to be a forward acrobatic element. The purpose of this clarification is to eliminate that ambiguity.

The purpose of the first change on vault is to allow a gymnast to vault both a double twisting Yurchenko and a double twisting Tsukahara vault. The second change will award a 0.2 in bonus if a gymnast does one vault with a forward salto and a second vault with a backward salto, or vice versa.

Example 1:

  • layout Rudi and Cheng - no bonus awarded since the post flight is forward on both vaults

Example 2:

  • Amanar and layout front full - 0.2 bonus awarded since one vault is backward flight and the other vault is forward flight.
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Not sure if I like the .2 bonus …yet.

I agree… most vault finalists do a yurchenko and an Omelianchik entry already so they will get the .2 while someone like Moreno gets .2 as well but it’s a wash

I call this …the Zamo clause

Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 4.18.20 PM


the irony is that doing a correct, clean Kasamatsu is not doing a backward vault, and the Women’s Technical Committee may have just demonstrated their ignorance.


There’s a first time for everything! Oh wait…

No, it’s the sort of sideways valdez-like thing she did. Totally should be a B. reasonable change.

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Thank GOD they will finally start deducting pre-flights in half-on vaults. It’s absurd that it wasn’t happening before.

What on earth are they thinking giving a back 3/2 or front 1/1 + Double Tuck 0.2 CV? Totally unnecessary. We will probably see nothing but that pass for four years.


how on earth is this an E now?! It should be a friggin G, Jesus Christ

I also hate the C+D .2, and D+B .2 CV on floor

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I never understood how the Dos Santos 1 is a F yet the same skill with a 1/2 turn is also a F now going to an E… will the dos santos 1 also go to an E


Ah, I just misunderstood what “in a different direction” meant. Personally I still feel that a Tsuk and a Yurchenko are substantially different vaults so dictating that a double twisting of both is somehow less still eludes me, but I see better what they were trying to do here. At least they are changing the rule to allow both, which should have been allowed all along.


What are the CV structures for FX in the 2022-2024 Code?

B + D direct acrobatic connections and C + D indirect acrobatic connections would earn 0.2 in CV. Otherwise, the rules remain the same.

Thanks, but I don’t know the current (2022-2024) FX CV structures. That’s what I’m asking.