Doha World Cup 2023, March 1-4

I still don’t understand why they would give her all of the possible variations of every leap and jump requiring split. They do actually look better than last year I think, but that’s cause they were horrendous back then.

I don’t think she was supposed to do them all but she kept wobbling after each attempt and wasn’t sure what had counted/not counted so threw in another. Mind you the switch-half that was obviously meant to be a part of her leap series was really bad

Yeah I actually meant more on floor, but that leap series on beam wasn’t helping

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Who was the GBR MAG who did the triple back?

The Lithuanian gymnast who I keep thinking is French because of her leo reinjured the knee that was heavily bundled up, but manages to walk herself off the podium.

I’m only half paying attention, so sorry that these aren’t more descriptive.

WAG VT: Devillard (FRA) - Ramussen (DEN) - Chuso (UZE)

Voinea was in fifth with hands down on her second vault and the three below her (Stacey (GBR), the Kazakhstani gymnast, and the Lithuanian) all had falls (or in the case of the Lithuanian, ended up off the mat entirely).

MAG FX: Yulo (PHI) - Minami (JPN) - Whitehouse (GBR, which answers my previous question)

Quite a bit of PHI support in the stands, which I guess kind of makes sense considering the SEA labor that runs Qatar and the UAE. Yulo is positively tiny next to Minami and Whitehouse and is cheesing it up in the podium photo. He looks a lot like one of my Filipina friends whose ass I’m going to need to kick the next time I see her.

MAG PH: Kurbanov (KAZ) - McClenaghan (IRL) - Shiao (TPE)

The slo-mo replay of Kovtun’s routine focused on one of his tattoos that says “HOME”, but the “O” is replaced with an outline of Ukraine. He ends up in fifth. I know nothing about PH, so I couldn’t tell you much. Though I did see Yin flub his routine, though he didn’t fall.

WAG UB: Lashchevska (UKR) - Westlund (SWE) - Serita (JPN)

Hubareva (UKR): Good routine with a double tuck dismount. I can’t tell if that’s a bruise or a birthmark on the back of her thigh.

Tanskanen (FIN): A few missed handstands. Double tuck dismount. I wonder about her height because it looks a little like she’s on the taller side and struggling with the UB limitations.

Westlund (SWE): Good routine. Overarched on one handstand. Some leg separation and flexed feet on transitions. I like how her body doesn’t drop when doing a kip. Stuck double layout dismount. Puts her in first, but she’s only the third gymnast to go.

Mahmoud (EGY): Falls onto the high bar on her Hindorff. Falls on her Tkatchev. Flubs her Pak. Struggling on the low bar. Dead hang transitioning to high bar. Sticks double layout dismount. This was a disaster.

Mid-final one touch. China looking to run away with gold here. Georgia-Rose Brown is getting scientific with her adjustments to the bars. The other Ukranian in this final is itty-bitty. Gymnasts have got to stop mounting onto the high bar. These dead hangs are on my nerves.

Serita (JPN): Solid routine, but has a lot of leg separations. Stuck full-twisting double tuck dismount. Puts her in second.

Qiu (CHN): Here we go. And she falls on her Church. Never mind. Stops on her Pak and is off again. Coach very close to touching her on her transition to high bar. She loses momentum on her pirouettes and is off the bars again. I take back everything I said. Sticks her dismount at least. The field is open now. Score taking a long time. She’s in fourth place (???).

Brown (AUS): Leisurely routine. Dead hang after piked Gienger. Flubs a handstand and is off the bars. Sticks double front dismount. Takes Qiu’s place in fourth.

Laschevska (UKR): I missed most of her routine. Nice straddled Jaeger. Loses momentum transitioning to high bar. Sticks dismount. She ends up first.

MAG SR: Qiu (CHN) - Asil (TUR) - Simonov (AZE)

I don’t know rings, so I can only tell you if somebody effed up. Watching this event makes my shoulders hurt.

Simonov (AZE): Solid routine.

Liu (CHN): He’s a very subdued, stoic man. Slight hop on dismount. Beats out Simonov by over half a point.

Avetisyan (ARM): Good routine, but a step on the dismount. Is in third.

Ahmad (IRI): Struggled on final handstand, a couple of steps on double pike dismount.

I’m glad I don’t have photosensitive epilepsy because the rapid blinking of the screen during the slo-mo is very aggravating.

Mid-final one touch.

Davtyan (ARM): A hop and a step on dismount. Ends up in fifth.

Asil (TUR): Sight hop on dismount. He does not look happy with his routine, I don’t know why, he’s in second.

Colak (TUR): Thanks cameraman for the focus on the photographer behind the performing gymnast. Useful. He looks prouder of his routine than his fellow countryman and is in fifth.

Hoeck (AUT): I’m amused he has the same last name as Ren from Ren & Stimpy. Nobody’s sticking dismounts this final. His difficulty is significantly lower than the rest of the field.

Radivilov (UKR): Hold up, there are 9 people in this final? What happened here? I missed his routine because I thought it was over! He ends up in 8th. ETA: Oh, it looks like he and Hoeck tied in qualifications so they let them both through for the final.

Medal ceremony and Serita is looking incredibly happy. The gymnasts have to put the medals on themselves; interesting. The medals are on a little stand in front of them. These tiny-ass girls are taking a photo with what I assume are the organizers and even standing on the podium, they’re almost completely obscured by the four men standing on the ground in front of them.


Found the scores:

Looks like they got a decent crowd by Doha standards. Good if they got some Yulo supporters in - the World Cups could really do with MAG being more popular considering the disparity in the quality of the mens and womens fields at these events.

Luke Whitehouse

Doha gave us this. Wow!

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Wow i saw that but i thought it was a 2 1/2

We need a shorthand for these kinds of skills. Double flipping 3 1/2? Double in-1 1/2 out?

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If the double twisting double back is “double double” and triple twisting double back is “triple double” then this could just follow that line and be “3.5 double.”

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It’s 1/2, 2/2, 3/2.
Twists are 3/1, 2/1 etc
Double pike is 0/2p
Triple back 0/3
Biles 0.5/2L

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That skill is really amazing, and I don’t want to take away from it, but yikes the handspring going into it

I know he does it to build momentum but the arms…

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Day two of EF has just started. Stunning vault final so far.


Thanks for the reminder. I don’t know why I was thinking it was tomorrow.

The Pinoy contingent is out in full force today. Good to see Yulo so well-supported.

Why are they using the FOX NFL theme music?


Voinea won beam.

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Yep. While the camera angle sucked during the routine, her leaps and jumps did look better. Granted, beam was also a splatfest. Qiu really needs to work on her competition game.

Oooh, Hatakeda just moved into first on FX with two gymnasts to go, so she’s guaranteed a medal. Voinea wins FX. with the highest D-score of 5.7. She tied for second in E-score with Breanna Scott (AUS).

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No competition for Voinea in the floor final. Good senior debut for her, but the question always is with Romania how long will it last?

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I sense a lot of pressure on Voinea. I think Romania are hoping to use strong AA sets from her, Barbosu and Ceplinschi as a way back to team qualification

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