Dickies Arena

What I learned today
No all day or 4 day parking passes - if you leave between sessions, you have to pay again so you could end up paying $160 to $200 in parking.
Only one restaurant, Taco Head, within walking distance and it is to go only. They are price gouging. One flour veggie taco was $5.95. It was a mini flour tortilla with a small amount of vegetables. I got a side of guacamole and chips. It cost $4.50. The guacamole was about 1.5 tbsps. My sister got the chorizo quesadilla. It was a thin layer of meat and cheese. Didn’t take a picture. It was $9.95. We ate in the car with the air conditioning running. If I hadn’t eaten a huge lunch, I would be beyond livid.
I go with my friend the rest of the days. I’m going to try talking her into packing a picnic lunch in a cooler for our dinner meal. If she doesn’t want to, we will be eating dinner in the arena.
If I could give Taco Head a zero rating, I would.

That sucks.

I know I’m a hapless Australian cos I looked at the picture and the $5.95 and thought to myself it wasn’t such a bad deal! Even accounting for the exchange rate.

For real, though, that sucks, especially on the parking situation.

I am starving again
I ate again at the arena; Mexican grain bowl for $14 and starving again an hour later
I have to pack a dinner tomorrow; no if ands or buts
It may be that they don’t know how to make filling vegetarian meals but I cannot make it through on what is on offer
Taco Head was a straight rip off
It was not even a child’s meal

Wow damn that sucks!

Something about gymnastics meets and the food always fucking sucks.

Montreal Worlds was TERRIBLE! It was literally just curly fries and popcorn. And even then, the lines snaked around the arena!!

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Omg I remember that! I think I missed 2 event finals just waiting for food or maybe it was to use the washroom? I don’t remember now, but it was ridiculous :sob:

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The worst food, the worst bathroom lines and terrible lighting. Good job the tickets were cheap.

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Arena food in north America always sucks and is horribly overpriced. Such a frustrating experience.

Shame the arena has only one place within walking distance. Even worse because of the parking situation.

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