Dalaloyan torn achilles (major spoiler)

I’m trying to think how he’s going to land off the high bar. That one scares me the most. Like pommel horse, ok. Parallel bars, probably ok. Rings… hmm. High bar… omg.

And he’s going to have to take a landing I’m assuming before they get to Tokyo. Will it be too late to sub out by then?

I predict he’ll do easy dismounts on rings and high bar.

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Who is the alternate for the team?
Stretchovich is oit with injury IIRC. What about Lankin?
If Dalaloyan isn’t good to dismount could they replace him with a non +1 before podium?

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Dalaloyan dismounting high bar…

I suppose he has to practice it before they leave, but omg…

Edit to add link to rest of the team training video.

OMG, this is terrifying me.

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Nope, nope, nope.

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I mean, at least if he blows it again, it isn’t visible like that French guy breaking his leg…but wow, talk about rolling the dice and I hope the substitute athlete is good and ready.

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I would highly doubt he will do FX or VT but would he do the other 4 in TF?

What even happens if you rip a repair that is that fresh? Can they even fix it, or is your Achilles now so shredded that it can’t hold stitches?

Full body cringing here.


Yeah, when Mustafina came back in Dec after her Euros 2011 ACL injury I was a little scared, but watching Dalaloyan I’m frightened.

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How far off was Dmitry Lankin from making the team? They could really use his floor/vault right now, and he does all-around.

OMG :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

I really want Dalaloyan to have all he can have, I understand he’s probably uber pissed he’d be missing tokyo now on top of rio, but this is ridiculous

Ugh that makes me feel sick. I knew as soon as I saw this thread had 7 new replies it was going to be some kind of DO NOT WANT situation.


I think I’m gonna skip watching Dalaloyan’s routines. Two people getting injured within 10 minutes at Rio was quite something. I don’t want that to see that again. And I certainly hope the gymnasts don’t have to experience it.



I thought that they had taken Dalolyan out and replaced him with Ablyazin…

Does Dalolyan have his difficulty back on the events he will compete?

Dalaloyan is not doing VT or FX.
Ablyazin is not doing PH, PB, HB.
Belyavskiy and Nagorny are doing AA.

So they are doing 3 up 3 count on all events but Still Rings.

In team finals, Nagorny will do AA, Belyavskiy will do all but SR, Ablyazin FX/SR/VT, Dalaloyan PH/SR/PB/HB

It is risky but necessary for them to compete with China for gold. Ablyazin adds about 1.0-1.4 points by replacing Kartsev.

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I understand their rationale, but it doesn’t lessen the number of heart attacks I’m going to have watching them in prelims.


They are playing with fire in prelims I would say.
But they did win prelims in 2019 ahead of 9th place Korea by 10 points.

So I would say that they definitely have a buffer. But they would need multiple falls or a huge disaster, like injury mid routine that needs to count to not make team finals.

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