Dalaloyan torn achilles (major spoiler)

Title says it all, really.

Gymnastics: Achilles injury puts Artur Dalaloyan’s Tokyo dreams in doubt (olympicchannel.com)

What an absolute fucker. It seems like it was relatively minor, as these things go, and allegedly he’s expected to have a 3 month recovery period but… surely not? This has to be him out of Tokyo, doesn’t it?


Yeah there’s no way.

Edit: @ArnoldRimmer - achilles or ACL??

Achilles, but a partial tear. Still don’t know how that recovers in 3 months for an Olympics?

Sorry yes, achilles. I do this every time (aside from Mustafina, weirdly). I actually thought to myself as I came here to start the thread, don’t mix achilles and ACL up. And here we are. Have amended the title.

Yikes, if it was not a 4-4-3 prelims I could see them taking him anyway and keeping him off VT/FX.
Stretchovich being injured is also bad news for them.

Dalaloyan injured his achilles tendon. Verniaiev is still provisionally suspended. 2021 is turning out to be a fantastic year for MAG so far.

Isn’t it just. I wonder if we’re ever actually going to find out what’s happening with Oleg, or if it’ll just turn into one of those mysteries for the ages.

I mean, I thought it was obviously a drug ban, no?

I would assume so. Seems the obvious answer. But still no confirmation!

Just a guess he won’t be in Tokyo this year…

And no Manrique Larduet I just read?? Joy of Joys

He won’t be in Tokyo he is currently suspended and it doesn’t look like it will be lifted in two months.

I’m still surprised no one has commented on Oleg’s suspension. It’s a shame not to see him in Tokyo (assuming that still holds).

Artur Dalaloyan had his cast removed.

Igor Radivilov was asked in a Gymnovosti interview.

This was his response:

Q: What’s going on with Oleg Vernaiev? Is there a chance to see him in Tokyo?

A: I won’t answer this question. First of all, I don’t know anything and the head coach is responsible for him. Let Verniaiev himself answer this question.

Q: How close are you with Oleg Verniaiev?

A: We’re just teammates, nothing more.

That’s a :woozy_face: if I ever saw one.

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“It was not a partially torn tendon, but severed tendon”.


I wonder how many dismounts he will have attempted before competition. It seems almost impossible that he will be ready.

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Muscle memory is a wonderful thing but yikes :grimacing: Everyone is going to be on the edge of their seat for the wrong reasons.