D and E Panel Analysis - WAG EF

I finally got around to do a D and E Panel look at beam. My standings were (FIG were in bold):

  1. GCC 14.5 (6.6) 14.633 (6.6)
  2. Tang 14.2 (6.0) 14.233 (6.0)
  3. Ashikawa 14.1 (5.9) 13.733 (5.9)
  4. Biles 13.9 (6.1) 14.000 (6.1)
  5. Lee 13.9 (6.4) 13.866 (6.4)
  6. Saraiva 13.5 (5.7) 13.133 (5.7)
  7. Black 13.5 (5.9) 13.866 (6.2)
  8. Urazova 13.0 (5.1) 12.733 (5.0)

In terms of D Panel:

(1) I did not give Black’s Layout. I was surprised they did. Those 3 tenths count a lot - and I think there’s a problem in the Code there. A tiny bit of pike in the hips at 45 degrees shouldn’t result in a 3 tenth loss. So I had Black’s D at 5.9 which brought her down to 7th for me.

(2) Urazova - I thought the Switch to Y turn was close in real time, but they didn’t give it to her. They also didn’t give her Y turn to 1.5 turn, which I thought was fair (too slow). So she got none of that whole 0.3 series. It seems they also didn’t give her full credit for the Illusion? There’s no other way I can get her down to a 5.0 - I had 5.1 in real time. Anyone help?

(3) They didn’t give Tang’s Switch Ring to Split Ring Jump. It was close but I agreed in real time.

(4) Saravia - they gave the Layout. I did too, just. They didn’t give her front layout to split BHS. I didn’t agree in real time, but I agreed watching it a second time, but that’s being really harsh.

So in short - I have Urazova at 5.1 and Black at 5.9 - otherwise, I agreed with FIG.

I’m also coming up with a 5.1 D score.

Vladislava Urazova - Balance Beam


1 x E (layout stepout mount)
4 x D (aerial, Onodi, side aerial, 2 1/2 twist dismount)

Total Acro DV - 2.1


1 x E (Mitchell)
1 x D (double turn in tuck stand)
1 x D (illusion turn)

Total Dance DV - 1.3

CV / Series Bonus

switch leap + full turn with leg in Y scale + 1 1/2 turn (C + C dance, C + A turns) = 0.2 CV + 0.1 SB

aerial + split jump + Onodi (D + B + D) = 0.2 CV + 0.1 SB

round off + back handspring + 2 1/2 twist (B + B + D) = 0.1 SB

Total CV / SB = 0.7


Dance Series - sissone + cat leap
Turn - Mitchell
Acro Series with Salto - missing
Acro Elements in Different Directions - back handspring stepout + aerial

Total D - 3.4 + 0.7 + 1.5 = 5.6

Elements or Connections Downgraded

switch leap + full turn with leg in Y scale + 1 1/2 turn

  • Connection broken by the brief pauses between elements. I think it is also a valid posiiton to credit the switch leap + full turn with leg in Y scale and deducting for poor rhythm of connection.

aerial + split jump

  • Connection broken by the balance error on the Onodi → Series bonus for the intended 3 element connection also lost

Total D - 3.4 + 0.2 + 1.5 = 5.1


1 1/2 turn

  • (medium balance error) 0.3


  • (bent knee) 0.1
  • (medium balance error / multiple small balance errors) 0.3

illusion turn

  • (medium balance error) 0.3

double turn in tuckstand

  • (excessive preparation) 0.1 ^ (possibly being deducted for the second arm swing before the turn)

cat leap

  • (body posture, left leg at, but not above horizontal) 0.1 ^ (not the best angle to confirm)

side aerial

  • (large balance error) 0.5
  • (additional small balance error) 0.1

prior to round off

  • (adjustment / unnecessary movement) 0.1

2 1/2 twist

  • (crossed legs) 0.1
  • (deviation from straight direction on landing) 0.1
  • (hop on landing) 0.1


  • (Insufficient complexity or creativity in the movements) 0.1

Total E - (2.1 -2.3) 7.7 - 7.9

(Edited to correct D score from 5.0 to 5.1.)

I had:

EBCCB(no CV)DD1DEDDD1 (No acro) = 5.1

Where am I going wrong?

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I’m not a code nerd, but I was extremely surprised at how low Ashikawa’s score was and I see you agree. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it


Sorry - I forgot to give 0.1 for the split jump + Onodi, so it would be a 5.1 from me as well. The illusion looked fine to me. The only other possibility I see is with her dismount. From the replay, it looks like she might be slightly underrotated, though it would be a very borderline call ala Listunova’s triple twist on floor.


I wish they included D Panel analysis in the judges book. At least for EF.

The lack of transparency is so frustrating.

The fact we only get a judges book for Olympics and not even for Worlds is shocking.

Is there any way we can lobby the FIG for this?


I get why we need to do this and obviously I’ll be happily involved, but just wanna say “fuck off” to whoever is making us bust out the protractors and mental stopwatches just to figure out if a beam skill or connection is actually the skill or connection it’s purporting to be. Ditto for floor like Ferrari.

Watanabe’s desire to nuke dance, mixed, and nonrebounding bonus because of a lack of objectivity and uniformity isn’t looking too bad right now. The D-panel also tanks judges pretty hard on their exams if they deviate, I’ve been told.


You coukd do aly’s choreo on loop in front of their HQ, see if that works

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Ha one way ticket to Switzerland

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Believe you me when i say I’d pay that ticket

I finally saw Urazova BB on video.

Here is the breakdown I have

FF+ FF+FF - B - -
Switch Split - C
360° Turn Held Split - C
540° Turn Passé - B
Fwd Aerial - D
Split Jump - B
Mostepanova - D
360° Illusion - dv to 180° B
1080° Extended Tuck Turn - E
720° Extended Tuck Turn - D
Side Aerial - D
Sissone - A
Cat Leap - A
DMT - Bwd Salto Stretched 900° - D

Counting DV
1080° Extended Tuck Turn - E (0,5)
720° Extended Tuck Turn - D (0,4)
Switch Split - C (0,3)

DMT - Bwd Salto Stretch 900° D (0,4)
MT - RO + LOSO - E (0,5)
Fwd Aerial - D (0,4)

Mostepanova - D (0,4)
Side Aerial - D (0,4)

DV - 3,3

1,5 missing CR 2

Split Jump + Mostepanova B + D / 0,1
RO + BHS + DMT B + B + D /0,1 (SB)

D-Score DV 3,3 + CR 1,5 + CV 0,2 = 5,0

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@FrolovasDoubleLayout where am I going wrong?

Frolova didn’t give the Illusion a D (there’s a sentence i never thought I’d type)

I’m confused? Did you think I would always give the illusion a D? As much as l like Urazova, for me the skill was incomplete.

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No no, i have no idea! Just trying to point to doug what the difference was between both your assessments

Ok! That’s where the difference between us is.

Personally, I think that’s a really harsh call. It looked just about there in real time for me. I guess we don’t have the best angle.

They were crediting skills that were less close than this.

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Does anyone else want to E Panel Moor’s FX in the AA?

I had an 8.9 and the FIG gave it an 8.366.

I’m sure you could get it down to an 8.4. But you have to use the same pen that gave Melnikova an 8.266.


It is an utter same that a beautiful routine with solid difficulty like Moors can’t contend for a medal but we have Jade Carey as Olympic champion.


I’m tired of seeing double tucks when they weren’t a valid elite tumbling skill 21 years ago, so I’m not sure what the solution is in terms of difficulty-artistry-execution balance. I don’t like seeing front fulls when they aren’t in combination either.


But what about Rudi to split jump haha