Could Mai win a VT medal in Tokyo

This is clean. I’m thinking 9.1-9.2.

With a 9.4 DTY, she could really challenge for a VT medal.

Ellie Downie better be learning that Amanar…!


How many people have actually managed a 9.4/14.8 DTY in major competition this quad though? I can’t even think of one. She’d need some help.

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Well, Mai herself has, right?

Do you remember when? I’d like to watch it.


I’m sure there are more??

Also -

Her FX dismount - I have never seen her dismount anything other than a Double Pike. Was this quick thinking on her part, given that she didn’t have a front somi? If so - love that!!

ETA: her Rudi here was awful. It wouldn’t surprise me if she sticks to the DTY for the AA, and throws the Rudi for Q/EF only.

NHK is not really major competition! That was a very good DTY nonetheless.

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Shilese Jones did at the Friendship and Solidarity Meet. While not a major meet it at least was an international meet.

The vault scoring hasn’t really changed since Antwerp. Gabby’s DTY in Glasgow would still get a 9.5 today IMO.

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As a junior Mai dismounted with a flawless triple full.

And re: high DTY E scores, Giorgia Villa scored a 9.3 at Worlds in 2019. I definitely don’t think a 9.4 is out of the question in Tokyo for the best DTYs.

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I forgot that on vault there is also a legitimate competition for silver and bronze Mai would need some help to medal to be honest.

I actually wish that VT finals weren’t restricted to “two different families”. Two different vaults I think is sufficient, with BONUS for vaults from different families. And the bonus should be different depending on how “different” the vaults are.

For example, FHS and Yurchenko should get more than FHS and Tsuk.


I agree, Doug.

While somewhat on the topic, as incredible and challenging as vault has become, vaulting in general has very little style nowadays. Imagine seeing a nice, high Yurchenko layout done to perfection, with a beautiful hurdle to boot. Do other people miss this, too?


That’s an argument for bringing compulsories back… I have mixed emotions but I definitely wouldn’t be mad about it if they did.


I don’t want compulsories back, too boring.

If they bring back something like compulsories, I hope it’s a required routine. Not scripted like compulsories but something where the athlete can pick certain elements.

Maybe something like a 7 element routine on UB/BB/FX where its 1 C, 3 B, 3 A. But up to athlete’s choice which elements to use. That way routines aren’t all the same and there is some variety.
Vault can be a choice of like 3-4 vaults.

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But that’s just another way of having optionals. I don’t want Skinner choosing various variations of tuck jumps to get her A B C etc. I want her to be forced to learn a proper cross split. And forced to learn a proper set.


Yeah, there doesn’t seem a lot of point to me in optional compulsories. The idea was to force gymnasts to show mastery of basic skills. I think it’s fair to say the beam set was too difficult to achieve that in the final quad, and also the last two quads included a bars transition that was really too hard. But in terms of the principle, I don’t really get a sort of halfway house.

I loved compulsories, but apparently the casual fans really didn’t.


Either that. Or we start deducting basic skills.

Her BHS should be deducted 0.1 every time. But they aren’t. Her giants in bars with arms 4 meters apart, should be deducted 0.1 every time. But they’re not.

Simple skills that don’t count towards DV don’t seem to get deductions when really they should.

I know there are general deductions for upper and lower body extension but I think these should be 1 or 3 for EACH.


I get what you’re saying, but Skinner’s cross split in split jumps and switch leaps is actually fine. It’s when you start asking for the harder, turning dance elements, or any real acro, that shit goes sideways. This is an indictment of her training, but it’s also an indictment of the WTC that a switch 1/2 or Gogean have become litmus tests for “dance.”


agree with this and I wish the yurchenko and yurchenko half were still the same family… I would love to see Jade, Simone et al doing non yurchenko vaults(I wish Jade stayed with the DTT but understand why she changed)

ETA: I loved the vault rules in the 97-00 quad

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