Content from athletes themselves

I thought useful to separate this from the press thread, have somewhere to share things athletes themselves have made. Rhys McClenaghan has done an interesting video showing the training camp at Juntendo University and arrival in the athlete village.

Tokyo Olympic Games Village - YouTube

He’s very impressed so far! It all looks brilliant. Especially the 24 hour access to sushi…

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Also, apparently the cardboard beds do in fact withstand sudden movements.

Rhys Mcclenaghan on Twitter: ““Anti-sex” beds at the Olympics” / Twitter

Rhys has got to be lighter than the average Olympian though!


Alec Yoder’s vlog:

I suppose the shot put and weightlifting crowd should post a response video :slight_smile:


Good framing: The organizers used recycled materials for bed frames. What a creative solution for the Olympic village.

Bad framing: The organizers used cardboard bedframes to prevent those horny athletes from banging.

Thank you Rhys for setting the record straight.


Was that the actual reason? So the athletes won’t bang? I thought it was so the beds can be recycled post Olympics. LOL

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There were rumours but it did sound a bit of a tall tale! Some commentator, can’t remember who, pointed out that a group of the most physically gifted people on the planet would probably be able to manage having sex standing up. I think Rhys had it right with ‘fake news’.

Do still want to see a shotputter trampolining on one, though. Just to be sure!

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