Commitment Changes

Amelie Morgan will be joining Utah for the 22’ season. Pac-12s UCLA/Utah dual meet is going to be INTENSE.

i’m surprised they haven’t gotten any of the girls jumping ship at Nebraska.

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I wasn’t expecting this, but I love it. UCLA/Utah and Pac-12s are turning into mini-CAN-GBR meets (Moors and Padurariu vs. Stanhope and Morgan)…and btw, O’Keefe, Eaker, Malabuyo, McCallum, Chiles, Flatley, Esparza, Isa, Campbell, et al. will also be present.

Jaylene Gilstrap, please be healthy. We’ve been through enough, including you. No Worlds for Morgan, but I assumed that was the case when she made Tokyo. I wonder if she’ll continue with elite at some point or if she’s done.


I thought Amelie Morgan didn’t start until fall 2022. She’s just moved to the same club as Jen and Jess?

I’m going to have to get down to Utah at least a couple of times!

Ondine is the gymnast who moved to Aylesbury, not Amelie.

I wonder if Amelie’s coach retiring played any role in her deciding to go do NCAA a year early. Even if she didn’t want to do Worlds, I would’ve thought she may want to try and go to CWG. Still curious as to what prompted the switch from Cal though.

She is starting in the 2022 NCAA gymnastics season, but will attend Utah either this fall 2021 or January 2022. Morgan is 18 and was eligible for 2019 Worlds, just injured.
She is the same age as Leanne Wong, or will be as Amelie is born in May of 2003 and Wong in September 2003.

Liz Kincaid retired?! Wow

Shit, why did I think Amelie was moving clubs? Well, excited to see what Aylesbury does with Ondine.

Yes I’d heard that too re Amelie

Her toe-point alone deserves an 11.


Yes she was down to go Tokyo as a GB coach and then a couple of days before pulled out and retired instead. Not sure why so sudden. Her sister and daughter run the Academy now I think.