Code questions

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Aerial + FF + 1.5 twist dismount!😍�..."

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Does this dismount sequence get any bonus? (Aerial-ff-1.5 twist off)

This combination meets the Series Bonus requirements, so 0,10.

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ok but does d-b-c get any bonus at all? I mean, if it was side aerial- ff-loso?

Sorry I’m a little out of the loop with the code these days

Yes, free cartwheel-ff-LOSO would also get 0,10 Series Bonus. There are few stipulations - one regarding your above-mentioned DMT connection is that in the B+B+C formula, if a DMT is involved, it must be min. C value.

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but D-B-C only gets the 0.1 bonus? That’s stupid imo. Kotchetkova-ff-loso or side aerial-ff-loso should get more than ff-loso-loso. But, oh well, the code inaccurately rewards difficulty, what a shocker I guess.