Chusovitina will attempt to qualify to Paris 2024, would be her 9th Olympics!

The requirement for EF medallists to quality was that they also had to achieve a certain percentage of the average score on I think two other events. Or possibly mean. But they never defined how that average would be calculated: whether it would include everyone who’d competed a routine on the event or everyone who’d been listed to compete an event on the start list. The latter was lower than the former because there were some people who due to injury etc didn’t compete. So they counted their 0s. Berki didnt get the necessary percentage if an average was taken of everyone who competed a routine, but he did if the 0s of people who withdrew from an event at the last minute did.

I may have the details slightly wrong but there needed fo be quite a creative interpretation of average, and it wasn’t defined in the rules. There’s not really been the same potential for freestyling since then.


I have to jump in this thread just to say how awesome she is and that I wish there were more people doing gymnastics to this age.

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I successfully did a cartwheel in the park the other day without injuring myself, greatly impressing my offspring and frightening my husband. That’s almost the same thing.


I did my first adult gymnastics class for 17 years last week. First time ever on bars and I managed a jump to front support on the LB (0.2 CV for the bruised belly) and proved my complete inability to hang or support my weight. Lots of fun but I’m still sore six days later :see_no_evil:


Well done! Totes worth it.


I’m proud of myself for being able to do a cartwheel and a handstand at seven months pregnant (and I’m older than Chuso was in Beijing!). And for being able to get off the floor without using my hands. Getting off a cushioned surface, well, that’s more complicated.


I walked into a door yesterday.


Fucking hell that is actually nails.

I did a somersault recently trying to show my kid how and was dizzy for like 10 minutes afterwards…


I know women my age who can’t even get up from the floor on their own. I am older than Chuso though.

Valentina talking shit about Chuso.
Questioning her health doing gymnastics at this age and also questioning her results as acceptable.
Forgetting that Chuso spanked both Listunova and Semukhina in Doha and took the gold over both of them.

I’m sure everyone really values Valentina’s life advice.


She keeps using that word “exploit”… I do not think she knows what it means

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Chusovitina should reply ‘says a bitch whose husband doesn’t have a yacht any more’.

eta- actually, am I mixing my oligarchs/Putin fetishists up? It’s so hard to keep track.

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I appreciate Chuso’s line about how she often feels she is healthier than the younger athletes- I am not sure if she meant that as direct shade to Valentina, but it well could have been.


Meanwhile, the promotional material suggest that Chuso will appear in Nemov’s “Russian Pride” gymnastics show


Its Going Down GIF by Philips Norelco


Chuso said she wants a new vault for 2024. What could that be?