Chinese Nationals

Happening this week. They are podium training at the moment, and I officially adore this from Ou Yushuan.

Ou Yushan NEW Beam Routine 2021 Chinese Nationals PT (7.0) - YouTube

Does the mount have a name? It’s like a candlerabian.


That was stunning, right up to that absolute letdown of a dismount.


Her beam just slays me. And I’m fine with the dismount personally.


If she’s capable of doing something better as well as rocking the interior of the routine, great, let’s see it. If not, no. She would probably be doing either a double tuck or a 2.5 twist anyway, neither of which we particularly suffer from the lack of, whereas there isn’t much on-beam work of that quality to be found elsewhere.

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Gorgeous set!

Shame about the dismount, but perhaps a 2 1/2 or triple is planned for later in the year. No sense putting it in right now.

She has been training a triple since at least last year. She is currently coming back from Injury/is still injured not 100%.

A number of the “A team” gymnasts have been dealing with injuries since last Championships in September.


Yeah I don’t think Simone can beat this. Even if she fully hit.

I’ve seen Simone doing two crossways jumps connected?

That side somi connection into two jumps is genius Code-wise. As is the split jump out of the tuck front for an extra 0.2.


Would add five tenths. 7.5!

Obscenely beautiful work. Hate the double twist dismount so much though. I GET IT. It’s smart. But gooooooood I hate it.


There’s video of that and then there have been some clips of her maybe fooling around with some extra turns.

Honestly, compared to how many people are posting constant training videos, Simone has been extremely quiet. The only thing she’s really put out there has been the double pike on vault.

Yes I’ve seen the Quad Wolf too. Pretty sure they will give it E the same as the Triple.

Turns are capped at E, right?

I think so.

In fact, I think dance elements generally are capped at E. at least, so far.

Am I weird that I don’t hate the Double Full?

I hate a double tuck to crunched ankles a lot more.


If you are, you’ve company.


I get that. It’s just such a let down for me. My mind is still used to a D dismount requirement so something like a double twist just feels unfinished.

I would love to see an arm flair kick-out. I bet some of the Chinese girls could do it. Kinda like Miller’s FTY in Barcelona.


lol one day we’re advocating for Sunisa Lee to use a simple beam dismount and the next we’re complaining about one being used.


Weren’t me advocating for that!

Also, with Suni it was, afaik, because her ankle’s about to fall off or what have you.

Sunisa’s plan was BHS BHS double full.
NOT a round off double full.
There is a huge difference here.