Chinese National Games

Do we have a thread for this yet?

This got 7.6 E.

I had 6.5 E. Including 0.4 in pauses, 0.2 in adjustments, and 0.5 in artistry.

Anyone else?

Lots of front fulls off beam.

That jump 1/1 from side was just a treat, as was the isolated side Ariel with feet flexed like a seagull. Sooooooo…

Great :+1:

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Xiao Ruoteng nearly clipped Zhang Boheng.
Zhang has got to be a favorite for the World AA title along with Hashimoto.

Apparently a bunch of retirements after Chinese National Games

Fan’s last ever UB routine:

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Deng Linlin is judging!

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Just gonna pretend this was the set from Tokyo EF, too :sob:


I was surprised by Wei getting bronze in bars ef. I thought Zhuofan had the better routine. They ignored that the coach touched her??

China’s domestic judging has been looser this than in previous years imo. I remember they used to be super strict.

Totally. Some of the WAG FX scores were 6 or 7 tenths out from Tokyo pen.

Ou Yushan got an 8.233 E for a pretty mediocre floor. I had 7.6 and Rich had 7.8.

You scored this meet?! I totally would’ve when I watched :cry:

I dig the Worlds team