Chinese Gymnastics Appreciation Thread #1


Okay, admittedly I’m starting this thread because I need some Help from users who are more familiar with the Chinese team. Aside from the USA and RUS teams, I’m pretty unfamiliar with all of the other countries’ top contenders recently turned senior.

Who are you expecting to make the 4 person team? Chen Yile, Li Shijia, Guan Chenchen, Li Qi, Ou Yushan, and Liu Tingting could all realistically win gold on beam in Tokyo. There’s also Tang Xijing and Qi Qi to add to the mix. I know Fan Yilin has her +1, but is China expected to gain another +1 through an event prior to the Olympics?

My limited knowledge makes me think the most realistic team is Liu Tingting, Qi Qi, Tang Xijing, and Li Shijia (I think this is the only team that avoids using a FTY in TF, although maybe Chen or Ou have upgraded to a DTY)

VT: (Liu) Li, Qi, Tang
UB: (Qi) Li, Tang, Liu
BB: (Qi) Tang, Li, Liu
FX: (Li) Tang, Liu, Qi

China has another +1 already because of the reallocation of the AA series spots to the top 3 from 2018, I think? Although they were all but certain to get one from the Asian Games anyway.

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Yes. China and USA both have +2.

China would have gotten one from Asian Championships anyway, so this opens the door for Japan and South Korea to get them.


I wish we saw this gymnastics these days.

That simple giant half at 0:28 should get fucking bonus for how glorious it is.

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Too bad she has the world’s worst kips.

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I’m not feeling Li Shijia. I think she ended up being a little overhyped once Stuttgart was said and done. That DTY was wild, they didn’t use her on bars or floor in TF, and that beam bronze wasn’t anything they couldn’t have gotten from Chen Yile or a non-prelims-meltdown Tang Xijing. Her beam dismount got wild, too, and her switch ring is in danger. But, a medal is a medal, and they can always use a DTY. My friends who attended said they were much more impressed with LTT’s presentation in person.

For Tokyo, I want Ou Yushan, Tang Xijing, Qi Qi, and a redemption epic from The Liu Tingting Cinematic Universe. +1: Fan, and then a Wei Xiaoyuan/Guan Chenchen showdown. Want GCC but realize Wei and Li might factor in first.

I can see past muscled kips when the work on the bar is that gorgeous.

It’s so weird watching the Chinese routines in Sydney for me. At the time I didn’t pick up at all on the laboured casts, they seem so much more obvious in retrospect… but so do the strengths of the routines! I don’t feel like this about their mid 90s work either, the hit 95 and 96 sets have much better stood the test of time in my head.

Ugh just the sound she makes on the bar when doing the giant half before the tkatchev… gymgasm. And her flair on the Ling. ugh I wish we still saw this from the Chinese.

When I think China nowadays I still think of Shang Chunsong. We just don’t see those glorious lines anymore