Chat & Sidebar Site Upgrade!

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The site has been upgraded with chat and a new menu system.

Please see the following image…

Currently we are just testing chat for Worlds. We will see how it goes and the Gymnaverse @staff will talk about it from there on out.

Being able to reply very fast is something that is great… however… losing the concept of a forum (organized content) would be bad. I can see the chat feature working very well to compliment the site… it needs to do just that though… compliment the site… not take it over.

Do the chat’s archive? Is it just endless scroll? I like reading through the forum commentary if I miss a competition or don’t have the flipnow, will chat content “age out”?

(It will be interesting to see how it goes. I know during competitions we use the thread as a “chat” with half of us posting “nooo!” when a favorite falls on BB but those don’t really add all that much to the thread, I’ll admit.)

ETA: Sorry, more questions.
Who is able to create chats? Is there a process to request a chat creation? Like if we wanted to specifically discuss leotards during Worlds but didn’t want to create a thread or clutter up the chat or thread discussing the actual gymnastics (as an example, I don’t actually want that chat currently)

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Great questions…

Right now the chat is set to retain the conversation forever. Chat is a new feature with the software… however… there will be a way to “archive” (save forever) the chats. Say there is a “Worlds 2022” chat… when it is over we will be able to turn that into a regular thread and save it forever.

Right now… just the staff can create the chat channels.


I have renamed the Worlds 2022 chat channel to Test Chat. I then archived it to test how it would be saved after the chat is completed. Here is a link to the archive that was created…

Seems to work pretty good.


Here is the 2022 Worlds chat channel…

There will only be one channel for chat for the entire 2022 Worlds competition. For details talk please use the threads at the link below…

Just wanted to say that I like the new logo!

Me too! I’m not good at noticing details (so I’m not sure how long certain changes have been in place) but I like the “vault into knowledge” motto/tagline.

Nice work @falcon9