Charpy tears ACL. Out of running for Tokyo

On March 2, @CharpyLorette was injured in training. After examinations, the verdict fell: rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. She is forced to give up the Tokyo Olympics and is already planning to prepare for Paris 2024.

The sad part of the run up to the Olympics are the stories that start showing up of athletes injured out before it even begins.

there’s only one acceptable response: ah, fuck.


Feels like it’s even more of a shitter when they’ve had to wait an extra year.

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Ugh. That’s the worst. :frowning:

Oh no!!! Lorette!!! Well at least she is refocused for Paris.

She was really needed for the team on UB/BB it opens a hole up completely on those events.

That’s so awful. I feel for her.

More of these stories will come unfortunately.