Cal Bears Season Opener

I’ve got to say I really think this is going to be a team to watch…

I’m watching Cal and Air Force right now. Rushing because I have a family obligation. But they look pretty strong, and on an unrelated note, this is the first time, besides that single Missouri gymnast (which looked like an ad, I thought), where I’ve seen mask compliance on the actual apparatus. Not everybody, but some of them.

I’ll need to watch this meet again in full later on, and give some better remarks.

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What’s up with Gabby Perea? Is she injured or what?

She did an exhibition

I’ll have to look that up… how did she do?

I HATE to see athletes wearing masks on the apparatus. It is a huge safety issue! The sport is dangerous enough without adding a possible visual and breathing hinderance. It’s crazy to me that anyone thinks seeing a gymnast train or compete while wearing one is a positive thing! It was not that long ago that a gymnast died doing a routine skill without any extra hinderances (SCSU). That is rare, but it goes to show that this sport is not without danger (not just ankle sprains but paralyze and death). Why on earth take extra risks? Who are they even around on an apparatus to infect or get infected? If my kid competes with one I will be marching on NCAA headquarters, guaranteed. I will not have her taking extra risks just to virtue signal for others.