BT Sport to televise NCAA gymnastics in the UK

I have no information other than this clipping from the Radio Times that my sister sent me


This is great!

Is BT Sport an affiliate of ESPN?
Those two meets will be on ESPN as part of their 60 hours of NCAA coverage this year.

Yes I believe so

I had a feeling eventually it would start being broadcasted in the UK. I hope the young gymnasts in the UK will be watching!

I’m not sure how much awareness there is, and the time difference isn’t very child friendly. Hopefully Amelie will mention it on social media

Hopefully BT has DVR. I’m not familiar with paid services but I have a freeview that saves programs for years.

There was some coverage on one of the BT channels last year too. They had the final and the SEC, as well as some other stuff. I don’t understand the different conferences but Auburn seemed to be on every week and UCLA not at all.

UCLA is in Pac-10. ESPN seems to focus heavily on the SEC teams. Perhaps driven by the fact that SEC teams are in the eastern half of the country, so easy to broadcast in primetime for a big swath of the country. Also, it’s the most competitive conference. Much easier to pick a high-quality competitive meet when 8 of the top 20 teams are SEC.

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I get BT Sport and some ESPN channels as part of my cable package in the UK and I’ve been watching NCAA for the last couple of years - mostly SEC with the rare UCLA or Michigan thrown in - I was mostly following LSU when Ruby was there but this last season I’ve been rooting for Utah and Florida. I love it! I record it when its on then watch it when I’m ironing!

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The SEC network is owned by ESPN. So that is why they have the heavy SEC focus.
Generally ESPN will air the premiere SEC meet of the week on ESPN 2 or ESPN U, and then the other 3 SEC meets are back to back to back on the SEC network.

So that’s why it is always SEC heavy.

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The Suni Lee effect.

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Worked for me as she was the person I was really interested in seeing!