Brody Malone (2023 injury updates)

This is posted to his Instagram story. I took a screenshot but he’s walking on crutches.

ETA: I didn’t want to put it on the NCAA notes but more, feel free to move it.

Does this mean hes done?

Probably done for 2023. I can’t think of any gymnast that took over a year to recover from a knee injury so I’d imagine he’ll be back on some events by 2024.

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Worlds are early this year too, which won’t help. The first day is 30th September. Pan Ams are a few weeks later but I don’t know that he’d want to risk trying to rush back for that so close to the Olympics.

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He could always Daloloyan it ??

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I don’t think Daloloyan would have risked it for Worlds.

That would be tough. Artur Dalaloyan needed Russian super-steroids to be competition ready by the Olympics. Meanwhile Brody Malone is only taking regular steroids.


It doesn’t make sense for him to even try to Dalaloyan it for Worlds. Take the time, do the rehab right, build the stablest joint possible for the Olympics (and the rest of his life where he’s still going to need that knee for another 50 or 60 years).

I wasn’t suggesting he should, just merely taking advantage of the opportunity to turn Daloloyan into a verb, which you all accepted with zero friction :rofl:


I’m very much here for the use of language.

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I can’t tell if you’re very very very very very very here for the use of language or if you’re being very very very very very very sarcastic. Hoping it’s the former lol

It is! I’m noting that one down and will retain it for future use.


We are turning into Children of Tama. Daloloyan and insanity at Olympics. Malone, when the bars fell.

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Brody Malone to miss U.S. Gymnastics Championships with injury

U.S. all-around gymnastics champion Brody Malone will miss August’s national championships after injuring his right leg at a meet in Germany on March 18.

"Brody is currently undergoing treatment for his leg injury and doing everything he can to heal and get back to competing,” a representative for Malone said in an email. “As of now, there is no chance he will be competing in the U.S Championships in August. However, he is working very hard and is extremely hopeful that he will make it back in time for the Paris games."

Malone was injured after inadvertently peeling off the high bar early for his dismount, landing backward and awkwardly twisting his right leg.

Malone won the U.S. all-around title in 2021 and 2022, succeeding the since-retired Sam Mikulak as the top American male gymnast.

At the 2022 Worlds, Malone won the high bar title and placed fourth in the all-around, matching the best all-around finish for an American man since Jonathan Horton‘s bronze in 2010.

After Malone, the top U.S. men last year were Asher Hong, who was sixth in the world all-around, becoming at 18 the second-youngest man from any nation to finish that high since 2001. And Donnell Whittenburg, a 2016 Olympic alternate, who was second to Malone at last year’s nationals.

The U.S. men’s team must finish in the top 12 at this fall’s world championships to qualify a full team for next year’s Olympics (assuming the already qualified China, Japan and Great Britain are also in the top 12).

Last year, the U.S. finished fifth at worlds with Malone, who was the lone U.S. gymnast to compete on all six apparatuses in the team final.

The U.S. has finished between third and fifth at every Olympics and worlds since 2007 and has competed in the Olympic men’s team event at every Games since World War I, save the boycotted 1980 Moscow Games.

So I’ve seen a rumor that we haven’t heard much about Brody’s injury because he may be suing the meet and/or the equipment manufacturer as the mats were not secured properly and that was the reason behind his injury? (I can’t bear to watch the video so I have no idea if this makes sense)

Any truth to this rumor?

Speaking of Brody I forgot he got a skill named after him.

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I have no idea about the rumor, but I drew a way for you to see what happened without seeing the injury. This picture is just of Daiki Hashimoto landing his HB routine, no Brody in the picture at all.

(The outline of his body is where he was for boxes 1. and 2.)

He is bailing on the dismount. He’s coming down on an angle almost about to belly flop, his feet hit the thin top mat first but slip out from under him. His left foot slides easily across the larger bottom mats but his right foot/toe gets caught on something for a split second before it pops out and his leg is in the air. That second is when his knee gets bent. It doesn’t look like his foot ever goes into the crack of the mats on the video, but it’s possible his toes got caught for a moment and it was enough resistance to push back on his leg. Or his foot just jammed down into the mat instead of sliding. It’s hard to tell from the video and on the slowed down replay there’s someone else’s TV camera in the way blocking JUST where that foot is.

None of the mats move at all during this, they all stay solidly in place.


omg thank you for this!!

so in conclusion, probably not the mats? but maybe how the mats were laid out?

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They posted the interview w/ Malone. He goes into detail about what happened and the type of injury he sustained. He says that he has another surgery in July to fix a ligament.
This is the part that pertains to Paris.

Six months after his July-ish surgery, Malone will be able to start doing landings – “small landings or jumping off blocks, stuff like that” – and around nine months, he should be cleared to do “pretty much everything.” If all goes according to plan, that puts Malone doing full routines and adding in dismounts in April – approximately two months before Olympic Trials and three months before the Games begin.