British WAG talk

Thought it might be fun to discuss all things GB WAG.

Saw this on Jennifer Gadirova:

This looks like it’s on a Rod floor but my god the lift she gets in that Chuso!

Side point - we need nicknames for these two. Jessica and Jennifer is gonna drive me nuts. It might need to be “SCAM Gadirova” and “Euros Gadirova”.

Based on 2021 Euros, 2020 Scam, and 2019 Worlds scores:

:vt: Jennifer (14.566), Jessica (14.7 - Q) Ellie (15.033 - EF)
:ub: Jessica (13.7 - Q), Ellie (14.033 - TF), Becky (15.00 - EF)
:bb: Jessica (13.5 - AA), Becky (13.566 - TF), Jennifer (13.933)
:fx: Ellie (13.466 - 2019 EUROS) Jennifer (13.7), Jessica (13.866 - Q)

= 169.063

In Worlds 2019 prelims, USA 174.2, CHN 169.1 and RUS 168.0.
In Worlds 2019 TF, USA 172.3, RUS 166.5, ITA 164.7, CHN 164.2.

This is a great team if they don’t fuck up and if Ellie can Cheng in TF.


Becky Downie just posted a training update. Twitter has it as a 6.8D, sound about right?:



I have that at 8.2 + 6.8 = 15.0! And that’s with 0.4 off on the shap 1/2!

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Also - how adorable is this?!

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Too long, we lazy. J1 for SCAM Gadirova because we “met” her first, J2 for Euros Gadirova because we met her second.


I mean, that’s as good as any. Or JG1 and JG2 ha

What about Jess and Jen? Surely that is the most logical…


If we LTT and SCS the Chinese team, let’s get the Brits in on it with JG1 and JG2. Also, can I state how unusual and refreshing it is to find some teenagers with the names Jennifer and Jessica? Such a nice change from all the Maddies and whatever the other top names are (Hannah? Payton?)

Now, build an elite team only made of Ellies!

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Jennifer and Jessica are such '80s names. I love it.


JessGad and JenGad as nicknames?

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I’m not saying she should - but who think’s she could upgrade that first pass to a Biles 2. It’s easy as pie.

Anyone else think the British ladies could take a medal in Tokyo as a team??

Especially with China being China and Russia’s troubles with beam.


YESSSSS I do!! If they can go 12 for 12!!

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It’s a possibility. Typically at least one of China and Russia fucks up enough to lose the bronze. The opportunity is there more often than it’s taken, so for that reason I wouldn’t exclude GB, Italy or Japan from the discussion. Probably not anyone else though, I wavered over France but think it’s beyond them.

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With Lorette out, definitely. I don’t think they have enough strong AA gymnasts to be in contention.

Any news on Heduits injury?

Apparently she isn’t badly injured:

She’s very lucky; that looked awful on the broadcast!


Great!! I darent watch it!