British WAG (and MAG!) talk

I know…but why use her of all gymnasts?
I just thought she had retired, but I guess not if she was listed as nominative, she is still active.

She’s recovering from surgery, but I’m guessing that they just put random gymnasts down as the appeals window hasn’t ended

That would have been fun to see her compete again!
Oh well.

I don’t know why they just didn’t name the world team as the nominative roster. It’s bringing back Marta vibes of randomly naming B team members to nominative rosters to mess with the A team’s heads.

Her licence will still be active

I doubt that US elites were obsessing over nominative rosters posted on the FIG website

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They might have used Archer (who we know has had surgery and didn’t compete at trials) so everyone is clear that this not the real team. Everyone involved has to sign up to not reveal the selection until the appeals period ends (not that there’s much point in the appeal system in gymnastics, but it exists so people have to respect that), so I doubt they want it to get out via the FIG.

The initial rosters for Euros and Worlds aren’t particularly useful because some teams just don’t select that early (Unlike World Cup rosters which are usually very accurate, when the US aren’t competing at least). The France and Switzerland teams I know are official, a lot of smaller countries are probably correct either because they’ve already selected or because they don’t have much choice. For GB, Italy, Germany, Netherlands etc wait for the official announcement.


Yes I think so. Also I’m sure Frank Baines also isn’t on the national team

I remember discussions around nominative US rosters and we speculated that perhaps Marta was playing mind games.

Yes I remember, but I doubt the gymnasts were even aware of nominative rosters or who was on them. If they were used, it’s more likely in a way of I’ve put you on the roster, if you want to go, you need to prove to me etc

True, but we know that Marta did play multiple mind games during her tenure.

If gymnasts were not aware, coaches were I am sure…and you know that some of that had to get back to the gymnasts.

I agree. I also believe that Marta played mind games.

José M.

Do we know when the teams get announced? The WAG selection document says the appeal window closed at noon on Friday 17th and they’re telling everyone the travel arrangements on the 24th, so I assume sometime this week but it doesn’t actually say. The link they have in the document to the appeals procedure is broken, hilariously, so no enlightenment there either.

I’m sure it’s a Tuesday, so must be tomorrow?

Maybe they are waiting till after the British champs, although junior worlds was announced before travel dates were confirmed

Makes sense.


Clearly going for team gold in both WAG and MAG

For the WAG, if those are the five who end up competing, I guess the question is who sits out bars in prelims? Jess and Ondine are the weakest bar workers but it’s probably going to come down to some combination of fitness and who they want in the AA. I feel sorry for Ruby and had wondered if they might want to get her some experience… but it’s difficult to be a 3 eventer with weaker bars around this team.

Re MAG, do we know why Joe isn’t there? Injury, needing a rest?

Could they give Kinsella a rest and not have her do bars…but then whoever sits bars will sit beam too right?

GMF is the automatic all arounder with this team it seems.

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Ondine surely will sit out bars. She’s been very unreliable on that piece