British WAG (and MAG!) talk

Is it me or does that look like a RO half on?

Also looks like she working on bars (same leo) I’ll be happy with anything that improves her AA for competition selection (or even two vaults)

That’s my favorite RO technique. I used to be able to do it but something happened and now I can’t anymore. Maybe all the weight I gained lol.

Public trials in March!! I assume they are for Euros and junior worlds. Hopefully we get results, and it’s not just for people who attend

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I think it’ll just be for Euros - the selection documents on BG’s site say the selection meeting for Euros is on 14th March, but for Junior Worlds is on 27th February, so too early for this.

Even though the selection will be made after this trial, gymnasts selected for Euros will be required to compete at the British Championships (which finish 16 days before Euros starts).

Also note that due to the new qualification system for Worlds, the format of these Euros has changed. Qualifications will be in a 5-4-3 team format with medals up for grabs, so GB may well focus on team gold even though they don’t need to worry about Worlds qualification.

Good point on the junior worlds, I didn’t think of that. Yeah, although they are already qualified it would be good to continue the focus of the team and definitely try for gold

Ellie has retired.

Not a surprise but still sad. Wild that she’s GB’s first Euro AA champ (plus world team bronze medalist and a vault bronze that should have been silver) but it still feels like she had a “what could have been” career.

Thank you for all the great memories and I’m sorry for all the unnecessary hardship.


Only European AA champion, even! For now at least.

I didn’t expect to see Ellie again in high level competition, for multiple reasons, so this isn’t a surprise. Hope she’s happy in whatever she does next.


Who would have thought that Ellie would retire before Becky!

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Obviously there’s the age gap, but I don’t think it’s that shocking? Not given what we’ve seen from them both, or not seen in Ellie’s case, over the last three years. I was more surprised that Ellie’s still only 23 actually. She seems to have been around for such a long time.


Sad to see her retire.

I’ve not listened to the podcast yet (it’s here and it’s long), but there is a summary of the points on twitter here

(This is the email she refers to, as well.

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Not really surprised by the news given everything that’s happened. Having said that, (with the caveat that I haven’t listened to the full podcast, only read others summaries of it) the whole issue around Worlds which seems to have been the last straw sounds like it was entirely avoidable.

I don’t disagree with the team selection based on the information we have (which is of course limited because BG won’t publish scores), but the communication around it sounds poor. Team selection has caused a lot of unnecessary drama for BG in the last couple of years.

The email is concerning.

Who did they take revenge on? Who are the naysayers and non-believers? The Whyte review? Anyone who has criticised their methods? Specific critics who may have been among the recipients of this email? And bigging up the importance of the coaches ahead of the gymnasts as well?


Just try describing that email without using the word twat.


I have plenty of alternatives, but I’m sure none of them are enough.

I want to know why coaches deserve “deep respect, value, and full care” while the gymnasts don’t.

Among the six million other red flags in that email…


I could, but it would be very…Australian (or Irish, I suppose).

I’m so with you on that one.

Irish people not really saying twat is basically the biggest cultural difference my husband and I have to navigate.

LMAO — I was going to write something snarky about it, too, but you outdid anything I would have said.

And this is why I love you. LOL.

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