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So are Russia officially out of Worlds?

I think the team entry deadline for Euros has passed now hasn’t it? Which would mean yes as teams, but they still have some individuals who would qualify through the world cup route if the ban were lifted. Obviously that would still leave the visa question.

Yes and no.

Russia cannot send a full team to Worlds.
However if the ban is lifted before Worlds, 4 Russian athletes would qualify for individual events based on World Cup rankings.
VT: Listunova (7th), Semukhina (15th)
UB: Listunova (4th), Minaeva (9th)
BB: Urasova (4th), Listunov (33rd) ***
FX: Minaeva (6th), Urasova (14th)

So they would qualify as specialists for those individual events.

***Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, and France hold 14 of the top 32 spots and going to qualify to Worlds and Romania, Finland, Ukraine, Norway have 6 spots above Listunova and there is a good chance 1-3 of these countries will qualify to Worlds.

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The biggest issue could well be Britain not issuing visas

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I wasn’t entirely sure where to post this, but for those in the UK, the movie ‘Olga’ (2021) premieres on Channel 4 at 00.35 tonight. It’s about a gymnast fleeing Ukraine.

There’s a Guardian and a RAFIKI review in this thread:

Hopefully it will be on All 4 (films aren’t always available) for catch up viewing given the broadcast time.

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It is on All4, started watching this morning.


One of the training leos for England team

Series 4 of Gym Stars will be available on BBC iplayer from 18th July

I’m amazed they’re still making that.

I’m not sure they should be given the clubs involved…

From Amelie’s insta it seems to be included in the lead up to the Olympic. I wonder if they’ll include Amelie and Phoebe going to college in the US

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there were photos of Liz Kincaid in America with them at College so I expect so.

Anyone know when we’ll get the CWG subdivisions?

Should be soon.

Very disappointing that Cyprus, India, and Malaysia aren’t sending any gymnasts. Also no Malta, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago which is too bad because they have some up and coming gymnasts that could use more international experience.

Is there a roster available?

India and Malaysia are very disappointing. Malaysia missed Asian Championships as well (and will miss Worlds also as a result), don’t know what’s going on there.

Surprised about Jamaica given two of their Pan Ams team live in the UK, but they have just competed this week so maybe that’s why.

JAM cannot afford to buy four matching leos (see PAG -1,00 for non-identical leotards) so paying for plane tickets???

Where did you see that they can’t afford to buy four matching leotards?

I was being facetious!

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Probably reddit. There have been some daft takes on there.

On the money point, obviously things are still weird in the world at the moment so it’s hard to draw conclusions, but it’s easy to see how the need for everyone to attend a world cup or continentals before going to worlds may be harmful to CWG going forward.