British MAG Olympic selection announcement 25th May

if it was, whoever it was, pulled their shit together to get on the team I guess

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British people have always loved infighting. Twas ever thus. This is merely the late millennial equivalent of the Wars of the Roses, but for people who like to flip.


Beautifully put! You should post this every time it happens :innocent:

Yesterday I discovered that my age group (born early 80s) are “geriatric millennials”, who knew?

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Fellow geriatric millennial here! Although just barely. By most accounts, I just missed being Gen X by a few days.

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Another Geri here too, I’m an 83 baby


That’s a new term to me: “geriatric millennial”. What is the age range?

I read about that too! Basically the first few years of the 80s I think. As a late 84 baby I qualify, and in fact my cohort are so geriatric millennial that my identically aged friend didn’t actually believe we even were millennials until she googled. I guess it does get used interchangeably with young, people don’t always realise that loads of millennials are pushing middle age! This lot are generally 90s kids, not creaking yet like those of us closer to 40 than 30.

On the subject of Dom, I do feel for him. It’s clear why BG weren’t in a position to do a proper public selection event this year, but going forward, it should happen. Would also be interested to hear why his request for a world cup wasn’t granted.

I do think some circumstances aren’t being considered on the wider gymternet (not this board). Indoor events have only been allowed since May 17th so given the early selection (and that’s a whole other debate) there was no way BG could have had an audience. I think that’s forgotten by some twitter gymnerds living in countries with less strict rules. Doesn’t explain why they didn’t stream/release videos though.

I agree that in the future a public Olympic trials should definitely happen. Transparency…closer duplication of the competition environment…more publicity…income…so many reasons. Attendance at GB events is very good and I think the sport is popular enough now to sustain US style trials. Though lets not copy them when it comes to ticket prices!

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It’s getting to a point where it would be cheaper for us to go to European competitions…

Up until this week I wouldn’t imagine any gymnast doing it.