Brisbane Olympics: Party like it's 2032

So choosing hosts far in advance is the new normal. Brisbane certainly has a lot going for it. The weather in July is temperate. It hosts many international sporting events. And Australia is unlikely to implode by 2032.

The Sleeman Centre will host gymnastics in its indoor venue. Let’s put all our terribly early speculation here.


I’m assuming Chuso will announce it as her last Olympics.


Whoa. I didn’t realize we were even remotely close to a decision on the host nation. They haven’t even chosen 2030 hosts yet!!!

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IIRC Brisbane ran unopposed.

Only Brisbane put in a host bid, they were the only host bid to qualify to host a games with the new biding procedures.
They automatically got it.

Where as 2030 has 4 host bids.
Salt Lake City (favored) also 2002
Vancouver also 2010
Sapporro also 1974
Spain/France/Andorra “Barcelona-Pyrennes” Barcelon would host open and closing ceremonies and 8 events, Pyrennes would host 5, Andorra would host 1- freestyle skiing

Oh dear, sounds like the writing is on the wall.

I distinctly remember growing up in Chicago when they bid for 2016 and Rio won, and one of my friends was like “good thing, what would our opening ceremony have been, women dancing around a giant deep dish pizza???”


That’s got to be the first time there were no other takers for absolutely ages? Maybe 1948?

Mmmm, pizza. A giant wonderful pizza

Where will the equestrian events be held?

Summer 1984 only had one bid. 2028 was in danger of having no bids which is why the IOC gave it to Los Angeles.

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I don’t even remember that happening. We do seem to have moved away from the days of multiple cities wanting the Games though. I have wondered for a while if it the IOC might have more luck encouraging a move away from a host city to one country or at least region of a country. Like the FIFA world cup. Spread the pressure and costs around a bit. I suppose as long as they’ve still got at least one candidate each time, things can carry on as they are, but it’s how long that will last for.

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It would just be a bunch of guys named Patrick or Brendan or something, taking bribes and committing tax fraud.


That’s most Olympics, isn’t it?


Oslo initially bid for 2022 and then withdrew because of crazy IOC demands. Slate published some of them Just a couple (I highly recommend reading the article because the full list is insane):

  • They demand to meet the king prior to the opening ceremony. Afterwards, there shall be a cocktail reception. Drinks shall be paid for by the Royal Palace or the local organizing committee.
  • Separate lanes should be created on all roads where IOC members will travel, which are not to be used by regular people or public transportation.
  • The IOC members should have separate entrances and exits to and from the airport.

Summer Olympics are becoming unfeasible for mid size cities. Paris, Los Angeles, and Brisbane hosting the next ones exemplifies that. The US attempted a Boston bid where many venues would have been outside Boston proper. But its demise was for the best.

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The Olympics will collapse under its own weight. I don’t see how it can sustain itself.


Mmm, the demands are so high. Which is counterproductive because mid sized cities may be more likely to be able to accommodate things like separate lanes if the IOC are going to insist on having them. It’s easier to effectively shut down a regional city for a fortnight than it is a capital.

If the likes of Tokyo, London, Beijing, LA etc aren’t willing to host probably every 30 years ish each then there’s going to have to be a new approach. One option is shrinking them, but otherwise you’re looking at spreading it out.

This was an Interesting video on this topic that I came across recently. It discusses having only a few cities that regularly rotate the Olympics to reduce the burden. He proposes One location on each continent.

I doubt there’s going to be a credible African bid for some time yet. South Africa is the only place that could realistically host a big global event, and given the 2022 CWG situation there’s surely going to be reticence to entertain bids from them as things stand. Which is a shame because the 2010 world cup went very well.

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Egypt could very well be an option for the Olympics.
In fact, I would nearly bet on that happening.

Many sports increased the continental quota for Africa for Tokyo. Egypt was the benefactor for many of those quota spots and as a result had participation/representation in sports that they would not normally have had.

If this was a push by the IOC to increase Africa quota spots it could be the IOC attempting to get Africa more involved I the games. At this point, Africa is the only continent to not host an Olympics following South Africa hosting in 2016,