Brazillian Nationals 2021


Have we seen a better DTY… ever???



I think maybe Cheng Fei showed a clearer second phase (repulsion-twist I mean)? I mean it’s absolutely gorgeous, I’m just trying to think if it indeed it is the best ever.

Yeah, I thought it may be the best I’ve seen on footage too. Andrade’s and Mo Huilan’s

Rebeca surely has to be the frontrunner for world AA and VT champion. (possibly FX, too?)
Definitely one of the best DTYs I have ever seen.


Andrade’s DTY is a 9.8 E score for me. 15.200

It does look like Rebecca got some gifts in scores… Is this really a 13.8?

that said, I would LOVE if she won a few golds in a few weeks!!!

It’s hard to assess height length dynamics etc from that angle.

But certainly I only have 0.2 in deductions if you don’t take anything dynamics-wise.

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I had 8.0E. God knows what that D score was but it certainly wasn’t 5.8 :joy:


I had 13.1. And I credited everything despite the switch full and the memmel potentially both being short.

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5,0 - Double salto bwd pike is D not E. I debate myself 1,9 or 2,0 in deductions.

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Bloody hell why did I do that :joy::joy:

Glad we are at least in line on E :wink:

ETA what did you think of the switch full and memmel. I was on the fence on both.

If she can control her landings and not ND herself out of gold again.

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It drives me mad they still hadnt fix the lenght of her first pass

She was literally half an inch out of bounds from winning AA gold.


She just handed Suni Lee the gold medal. I’m stoked Suni won, but Rebeca had that in the bag and one-half inch took her out.