Brazil’s National Championships

Theres a reel on Instagram of Andrade:

None of the things I’ve tried to bring over from instagram are posting properly and I keep removing the broken link. Sorry.

2,856 likes, 37 comments - insidegym on August 18, 2023: "Watch Rebeca Andrade compete at the 2023 Brazilian Championships today at 4pm ET and Sunday at 1p..."

There’s a livestream on youtube.

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Andrade vault.


This is surely the best she has ever executed the full pirouettes. Wow.


Her pirouettes.
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Flavia vault.

Barbosa bars

Ugh i love her bars. This really should be what we strive for, people doing difficult routines they can really master.

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Andrade beam


Flavia beam.


I would worry if they were at 100% since Worlds are 41 days away.


Barbosa floor.


thank you for the vids! IG posted this… Was Andrade planning on not doing FX?

Who’s the girl in the back doing barbosa’s choreo after the first pass? It’s adorable :sweat_smile:

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Barbosa told recently on a podcast she would love tô be free tô train only vault And bars. And Maybe get her second vault back.

This girl could become something for this team. But right now we need a girl who can vault And swing bars (as flavia’s DTY is a complete doubt)

So it is looking like the World team is

Andrade (VT, UB, BB, FX?)
De Lima (VT, BB, FX)
Olivera (UB,BB, FX)
Barbosa (VT, UB?, FX)
Saravia (UB? BB,) or Soares (UB? BB)

not much to choose from in terms of depth.

Didn’t Andrade do FX in podium? Anyone know why she didn’t in the meet?

Rebeca Andrade - Uneven Bars


E x 2 (piked Tkatchev, van Leeuwen), 1.0
D x 6 (Maloney, stalder full, Pak salto, piked Jaeger, toe-on full, full twisting double tuck), 2.4

Total DV – 3.4


D + C, flight from low bar to high bar + C on high bar with turn or flight x 1 (Maloney + stalder full), 0.2

D + D, both with turn or flight x 3 (stalder full + piked Tkatchev, piked Tkatchev + Pak salto, toe-on full + full twisting double tuck dismount), 0.3

Total CV – 0.5

Dismount Bonus

full twisting double tuck, (D) –> 0.2


Flight element from high bar to low bar, (Pak salto)
Flight element with regrasp to same bar, (piked Tkatchev or piked Jaeger)
Different grips, (Maloney, piked Jaeger)
Non-flight element with 360 degree turn, (stalder full or toe-on full)

Total CR - 2.0

Total D – 3.4 + 0.5 + 0.2 + 2.0 = 6.1 / 6.1 credited by D panel (6.2 due to stick bonus)

Possible Execution Deductions *(Denotes borderline / discretion in realtime / benefit of doubt due to angle, etc.)

glide kip
(insufficient extension), 0.1

cast to handstand with legs straddled
(body shape / piked hips), 0.1

piked Tkatchev
(leg separation), 0.1 *
(flexed feet), 0.1

cast to handstand with legs straddled (after Pak salto)
(body shape / piked hips), 0.1

cast to handstand with legs straddled (after van Leeuwen)
(body shape / piked hips), 0.1

giant to blind change
(lack of precision / overrotated turn), 0.1

piked Jaeger
(flexed feet), 0.1
(insufficient height / hips at bar height upon regrasp), 0.1 *
(bent arms upon regrasp), 0.1

cast to handstand 1/2 with legs straddled
(angle of completion, between 11 and 30 degrees of handstand), 0.1
(grip adjustment), 0.1

toe-on full
(angle of completion, between 11 and 30 degrees of handstand), 0.1

full twisting double tuck dismount
(flexed feet), 0.1 *

Total Execution Deductions - 1.1 - 1.4 → 8.6 - 8.9 / 9.000 E panel

Total Score - 14.7 - 15.0 / 15.200 Actual

not sure but maybe trying to protect her knees fopr worlds.


thanks… that makes perfect sense, I was just curious if there was an issue