Backlash to FIG's decision not to stream Qualifications

Everyone should tweet at them.


I wish one of the gymnastics media outlets would try to get an official statement from a FIG spokesperson at least. It’s pretty annoying of them to not even clearly say/tweet “unfortunately, qualifications won’t be streamed”.

Fucking useless organisation.

ETA- they are now saying they’ll post prelims routines, but after the end of the championship.



It looks like this YouTube user is going to be able to live stream prelims after hitting 1000k subscribers


There must be a reason for this. They are clearly bound by something that’s stopping them.

Looks like a last minute decision due to the backlash.

But they’d do it live if they could. There must be a contractual reason somewhere why they can’t.

Rumors that this channel might be doing a YT live stream …

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Apparently EuroVisionSport have the exclusive rights to broadcast but aren’t doing qualifications. I assume FIG can upload after the competition, but during would be breech of their rights.
FIG should however come out and state that they can’t, instead of ignoring the issue.

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According to Lauren Hopkins
" Eurovision is coordinating and distributing worlds to broadcasters this year, but their list of transmissions only includes finals, not qualifications, which means no broadcaster can stream qualifications since they get their transmissions via Eurovision."

And it will be the same deal in Antwerp unless something changes.

The FIG should have thought to check this a bit earlier.


It’s streaming here

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I’m super pissed that we have to watch qualifications via 2010s style home videos.


LIVE Video without sound.

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None of the streams that had worked were working by the end of the day yesterday or today. All the Facebook ones had various broken link messages.

Be careful. This one is a scam. It isn’t free.

Yes, there were multiple false links posted all over Facebook.

I refused to click any links as I didn’t want to get hacked.

Problem is that we shouldn’t be having to do this. A free stream should have been provided.

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Heck, I’d pay a small fee for a high-quality feed. But we can’t even get a shitty feed for prelims.