Avatar Sizes Have Been Increased... Upload Yours Today!

The avatars were a bit small before… so they have been increased. This is a perfect time to add your avatar! To upload your avatar do the following…

Click on your current avatar in the upper right >> then the little person >> then “preferences” >> then click the pencil and upload your favorite avatar

Then you’ll have a great personalized avatar like below instead of a letter!

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 10.04.12 AM

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I’m going to say, on mobile I didn’t mind the smaller icons because then you get more replies to show on the littler screen. I do like them on the full site though.

I can make them smaller again on mobile… I wasn’t sure about on mobile.

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Thank you!!!

Ok… back to regular size on mobile. Desktop still bigger.

Now let’s get some more avatars… upload one today!

Rocking Heavy Metal GIF by NASA

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We have some new avatars… how about some more?

Upload your avatar now!