Australian Human Rights Commission scrutinises Gymnastics Australia

This post discusses child abuse.

The AHRC released its report today on gymnastics practices in Australia following several weeks of patchy media coverage on major news outlets. It was commissioned to create this report by GA, who wanted an independent investigation.

Depressingly but unsurprisingly, the findings are extremely grim, detailing abuse of all kinds and widespread eating disorders; those in charge appear to have either known, understood, or cared little about what was wrong and how to fix it.

The ABC did a write-up:

I’m not sure there’s much for us to discuss here, but I want to acknowledge the findings, especially as there has been so much coverage of the U.S. and UK situations.

My very best wishes to gymnasts who suffered and are still suffering from their mistreatment.


I think Australian gymnasts have accomplished so much and don’t get enough praise. And Australia found a way to participate in international sport without wasting public funds. I’m glad both our countries are confronting our facilitation of abuse. I hope we can improve further and make gymnastics a safe and fun sport.

Related: I just read the letter from Liddick to Sarah Lauren. Horrifying. Somehow it’s simultaneously unbelievable and completely believable. I always wondered what happened to her, I’m glad she was able to make a decision that she was happy with.

Peggy has always been a festering turd of a human being.

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That letter is just…what adult thinks that was remotely okay to write to a 15 year old?

I’ve been down the rabbit hole today reading tons of articles from the last year from Aussie media, and I had no idea how many Australian WAGs were speaking out. Reading their stories was almost traumatic, it was overwhelming. And I was just reading, I didn’t have to endure the abuse daily for a decade or more, and in some cases suffer horrific injuries that were waved away and ended careers. Every one of them is unimaginably strong.

Mary-Anne Monckton, Emily Little, and Kirsty-Leigh Brown have added their voices. I didn’t realise Little retired after breaking her neck at nationals.

Me neither. That’s horrifying.

There’s slightly more detail about Emily’s injury and the immediate aftermatch in this article. It’s horrifying.

If what she has said there is accurate, there are some people who frankly deserve to be in prison. I’m not commenting on the law, as I don’t know it, but from an ethical perspective. They could’ve cost Emily her mobility.