Article: Pregnant Olympic Gymnast MyKayla Skinner Poses for Maternity Photos: 'Can't Wait' (Exclusive)

Did I miss something? When did Skinner blow up this big that People Magazine is doing a spread on her pregnancy? What am I missing?
BTW: 1st photo is beautiful!

I love the first picture too. It really is stunning.


I wonder what her book will be like.

Probably taking as many liberties with the truth as Shawn Johnson’s memoir?


She has been very public about being pregnant and takes every chance she can to make it known she is pregnant. It is all over her social media. She had the media opp with Carly Patterson, also pregnant. Her YouTube had over 130,000 followers and she hasn’t been coy about discussing her pregnancy or being a wife. Jonas appears with her on the shows. What we’ve learned in this season of life - YouTube

Not surprised People picked up on this, considering the season we are in, plus she is an Olympic silver medalist and she is very active on social media.

She’s done well for herself to make her name and presence known, especially in social media.

Is it just me, or do you guys get the ick when a couple says “we’re pregnant”?

Ha, just me?


I just think it’s silly. “They” are not pregnant. The woman is. “They” are however, having a baby.


It’s not just you.

The partner is NOT pregnant. I am pregnant currently and everyone is telling ME what I can and cannot eat, what exercise is safe (in their opinion), what supplements to take, what should be in my birth plan . . .etc. No one is nagging my husband about anything.

When we told people about the baby we said that WE were expecting a baby.


MyKayla is the sort of person who your average People magazine reader loves. And apparently MyKayla has a great publicist who can spin this as some sort of story about overcoming adversity :roll_eyes: Exactly what People (and it’s readers) is looking for.

Adversity: never clearing the bar of mediocrity to be a top choice for World and Olympic teams.

Now, if she could be honest with herself and realize that she and her coach wasted her natural talent and further destroyed her case with an undeserved sense of entitlement, I could have a little more respect for her. Despite her belief that she was ever truly a top 5 choice, she still originally ended up jobless at the Olympics (to steal a phrase someone on r/Gymnastics said). It took one teammate to have a mental break to get her into a final and another having to balk a vault to avoid breaking her neck to get into the medals. That’s not even going into the possibility she would’ve ended up alternate again had Riley McCusker not fallen at Trials.


Skinner won the silver medal, so she would have remained on the medal stand regardless of Carey’s performance.

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I’ve never believed Tom was going to take Riley to Tokyo, two hit routines or not.