Arkansas - Wieber Extension

Jordyn Wieber signed an extension through 2028 to keep her HC at Arkansas.

In other news, Bailey Lovett again retweeted some negative comments on Twitter, which she did back when she retired from the team prior to the postseason. Anyways, looks like Gymnastics Now (gym news website) has spoken with Bailey and we will finally hear what her problems with the program are.

Here are her retweets for reference. My guess is injury management is a factor in this. A casual scroll through her twitter makes it seem Bailey’s going through something difficult at the moment.

The Gymnastics Now tweet as well as Bailey’s RT’s are now all gone. I really wish people would think things through before putting it out on social media. People are going to be curious and ask questions.

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It isn’t like being vague and dropping hints to your friends. You can actually get a friend to stop digging (well, a good friend). Vaguebooking on social media and you are handing control to hundreds or thousands or millions of speculating strangers who will embellish and poke with no concern for you.