Arizona Men's Gymnastics Team

This answers a question from earlier. From their facebook page:

Woo hooo! WE ARE BACK!!! ASU admin has decided that it is OK for our guys to train and compete together. However, it must not be as the “ASU Men’s Gymnastics Team”. We cannot use their name or suggest that we are affiliated in any way with the University. Therefore, we have purchased all new uniforms and will now train and compete under the new name… ARIZONA MEN’S GYMNASTICS, at least for the remainder of this year. Same gym, same coaches, and most of the same team.


Good to have that mystery cleared up!

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Now let us see if they get to use the name or if the University of Arizona will go after them.

I think it is petty of ASU to not allow a club team to use the university name and likeness, especially if they are student athletes.

ASU used to have a decent men’s team and I recall pretty vividly that they used to be rivals with both New Mexico and UCLA.
New Mexico had some good gymnasts for some time. Stormy Eaton, Chad Fox, Trent Dimas, Paul O’Neil, Chris Lamorte.

I would hope they would be ok…as Arizona is also the name of the state. And, maybe they don’t use blue and red for their team colors. but that may be part of the reason they said “for the remainder of this season” Maybe they are exploring other options.

I don’t get it either. ASU was basically getting free advertising. I guarantee there are boys applying there that would not have because of the team.

Yup. Plus ASU is a well known party school, so if you can’t get a scholarship to one of the few remaining programs but want to compete club, ASU looks like a good choice on paper.

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What prompted this? ASU has had a club team that has competed as ASU Men’s Gymnastics since 1994.

Universities are fiercely protective of their trademarks. Higher education’s all about the brand these days. An administrator must have discovered the team was committing trademark infringement.