Are there new rules about a need to qualify in order to attend worlds next year?

I’m hearing gymnasts, especially from small countries, will need to make finals at A category world cup circuit events or through continental championships.

Is this true? And if so, where can I read these new rules?

Yes. FIG were having trouble finding hosts for an open to all full worlds even once a quad, apparently.

I’m not sure about individual qualification rules and don’t know where to find them, but for teams they’re limiting it to 25 qualifying through continental championships. Allocations are basically via a slightly tweaked version of the results from 2018 as far as I can tell, not sure how they’ll manage that going forward.

It’s all very imperfect but their hand seems to have been forced.

Behold the FIG’s transition into being a mildly functional organization.

Ah, great, thanks! But now where do I learn how many teams from each continent qualify? Europe for example?


1 Oceania
1 Africa
4 Asia
5 Americas
13 Europe

1 Oceania
1 Africa
5 Asia
4 Americas
13 Europe