Are China still in the big three?

She would probably need to be added to the National team, move back to Beijing, and train with a new coach since hers left in 2016. I haven’t seen any indication that she is interested in doing that.

Her scores so far this competition:
Quals: 11.600, 12.200, 12.500, 13.150
TF: 11.800, 11.450, 13.000, 13.050

She’s been scoring mid to low 13s on floor domestically every year since she retired from the National Team in 2017. She’s not newly doing any better than she has been doing for the last few years.

ETA: I’ve spent the last hour digging around for new info on her just in case anything changed; she left Hubei team and wasn’t even training gymnastics for most of 2022 so she could catch up with classes. She took up parkour as a hobby and had a part time job. She just came back to gymnastics in the last few months training for this competition. She posted that her goal for 2023 was to get better at parkour. She has injuries and is always in pain. She struggles a lot with UB. She wants to graduate so she can go to school to become a physical education teacher.


“I’m in pain all the time so I took up parkour” is… pretty hardcore.


“Falling off the uneven bars was fun and all, but falling off buildings, that’s where i wanna be!” -Shang Chunsong, probably.

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I think China will dominate Parkour as it comes fully into the FIG fold. There’s whole cities that are just empty buildings :joy:


A potential cottage industry there!

Perhaps China is still in the Big Three, considering that Team China is a very strong team. China is highly strong and competent in gymnastics. In gymnastics, China is one heck of a big challenge to the USA.The only true problem that I see with China is that they fiddle with the gymnast’s ages. China is still very strong in gymnastics, but they had better watch out for Great Britain. The British are rising stars in gymnastics, a challenge to China, and can make China take a step down. I would not be surprised if Great Britain makes the Big Three, and I would not be surprised if Great Britain wins Team Olympic Gold at Paris 2024. As strong as China is in gymnastics, they must watch out for Great Britain.

José M.

The last Chunsong bar routine I saw she didn’t even have a high to low transition.

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