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I’m getting into diving (as a viewer; maybe one day I’ll do it for recreation. It looks fun), but it’s hard to find forums like this one. The results that come up are for scuba diving.

I’m watching the FINA World Championships, but the Olympics Channel only showed swimming and then said that’s it, the championships are over as far as we’re concerned, so I’m watching the archives of FINA’s international livestream. Which is fine, but there’s no commentary so I’m not sure what constitutes as a good dive other than minimal splash.

Height and execution are a huge part of the score, as well as staying close to the board/platform (but not too close), vertical line is also extremely important, and of course the entry, or rip as that is where the splash comes from.

Cynthia Potter is a god send and she’s got amazing knowledge of the sport having been a 4 time Olympian and bronze medalist. But on top of that she is just a fantastic commentator. If you can find Olympic and World coverage with Potter commentating, it is worth the watch.

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No commentary but one of my favs.
2008 Men’s Platform. Baby Tom Daley and of course Matthew Mitchum having the meet of his life.


Thank you! I’ll search for her commentary.

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I was a longtime gymnast who switched to diving and still compete in diving currently. Here is a YouTube channel that is a treasure trove of springboard and platform diving -


Awesome! Thank you for posting this channel.
I wish I could still compete in diving but 1. no options to train anywhere close 2. I am old and get sore just going up and down the stairs with a laundry basket.

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2022 Worlds Playlist.
Lots of full event coverage, including preliminaries and semi finals.