Anyone know when (or if) Hristakieva (BUL) competed this vault?

Very true, but I remember there was an article in IG that the vault was physically impossible the way it was described in the code but they praised Amanar that at least she was trying to do it correctly


Maybe the Phelps is actually quite difficult. If two of the best female vaulters of the horse era struggled with it

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A true Phelps is so hard. But 99% of attempts were not true laid out arabians. Even Phelps herself turned too late for it to be an arabian.

Phelp’s was kinda in the middle I thought while Gogean’s was pure Tsuk with a Half twist… no arabian!

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That was a lot of knee bending while in layout for/on Phelps. Impossible to get a good screenshot but she started bending while still vertical, NOT like a true layout.

I remember that article. One of the most informative pages they ever wrote.

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If Amanar were vaulting nowadays, I wonder what she would have done for a second vault.

She did a double-twisting Tsuk at 2000 Euros. It was decent. But that vault hasn’t been highly favored under the Code of the past few years. Also, she had a right side entry but left twist, so she did Tsuks, not Kasamatsus, so this vault was always going to be a half twist harder than the way most gymnasts are able to do it.

She’d probably have killed the Amanar itself though… repeatedly. The fact she could get it all the way around off the horse was incredible to me.