Anyone know when (or if) Hristakieva (BUL) competed this vault?

Does anyone know if Hristakieva competed a -

Yurchenko half on into salto forward laidout with full 1/1 turn?

I think it might be under her nme in an old Code (1997?), but I’m trying to track down exactly who did this vaullt first.

I’m sure she only did it without the twist . That was the vault that was in the COP under her name until 2006.

The earliest performance of this vault I know of is Anna Pavlova in 2003. Either Russia Cup or Championship. Remembering online discussion from the time, I’m sure it was a first.

I don’t remember if Pavlova put to her feet. I only remember her sitting it down.

I’m sure she did it also in qualification.

Is there actual footage of her landing her vault? I think I saw one and it had huge steps forward. One wonders why would they use it, it didn’t really look like she was comfortable with it at all

I can’t think of any Lopez she ever did that looked like she could add a half twist to it either. Pavlova generally had lovely form on that vault, but it wasn’t the most dynamic. It’s not like with eg Jordan who clearly has the juice to twist more in the vault if she wanted to pursue it.

When did Hristakieva get the vault named after her? How long did she compete? We didn’t even see a front full laidout until 1999 and if someone did a Yurchenko half on into a laidout with full 1/1 turn in the 90s… I think we would have known about it no?

Barcelona 1992 was when it was named after her

thank you, I could only find her 92 World VT on YT

I thought it was named after her in worlds semis 92. Let’s discuss about this for months on end, @ArnoldRimmer


Always at your service!

I thought the Hristakieva vault was just the Yurchenko 1/2 twist? In the 90’s messageboards would refer to this vault as the Hristakieva (GGMB and OOBN back in the day). It was a 10.0 vault from 93-94 ish so it was a somewhat common vault during this period before it went down a tenth in SV.

Where are we seeing that the Hristakieva is the “Mustafina” vault?

I think the question is asking if Hristakieva ever competed the Mustafina

Ah, gotcha. If I’m not mistaken, back in those same messageboards there were rumblings of Natalia Ziganshina training this vault around 2001-2002ish?

She did, but she got injured and never competed it. Pavlova competed it in 2003 a couple of times

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we used to call it the mckhorintosh


I remember that as well! Haha

Now I think about it, it feels like a very long time since I saw anyone compete it

Other than Maroney in 2013, have we seen this vault?

She was probably the most recent? But Pavlova and Mustafina (for whom it is named) also competed it